Thursday, October 27, 2005

33rd Degree Freemason Jack Kemp Allegedly linked to Saddam Spy &
Suspected Saudi Terror funders is lobbyist for company tasked with
"Nuclear Security" for the USA

The greatest fear facing American society in particular and global civilization , such as it is, in

general, is nuclear materials falling into the hands of fanatical islamic fundamentalist terrorists.

Huge effort and expenditure is being made to prevent an american hiroshima and yet, evidence

continues to surface that the entire matter is a vast fraud and that the terrorists are in fact

controlled by the New World Order / illuminati / Intelligence agencies and other possible 'real'

culprits. Recently discovered information reveals the likelihood that the terror threat is an

internal false flag operation that seeks to create a one world government under the control of

certain groups whose exact nature is unknown except for one thing - they are evil.

The evidentiary trail begins:

1. USA Today reports that a company has been chosen to assist the US government in

safeguarding nuclear materials from (presumably muslim) terrorists. The company is named

NetForensics. "NetForensics chosen by National Nuclear Security Administration..."

2. NetForensics is listed as having Kemp Group dba Kemp Partners as a lobbyist. "Lobbyists beginning with 'K'."

3. Kemp Group is the lobbying group headed by former NFL star, congressman and

Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Jack Kemp. Mr. Kemp was "grilled" by the FBI when it

was disclosed that he was associated with admitted Saddam Hussein spy Samir Vincent. "FBI grills Jack Kemp about Iraqi contact."

4. Allegedly, Jack Kemp is a 33rd Degree freemason. .

5. Jack Kemp is on the board of directors of a company accused or suspected of saudi terror

ties (which it denies). AND . "WorldSpace Risk: Disputed terror ties follow
key backers".

6. The law firm of Akin Gump has represented numerous saudi individuals and interests

believed or suspected of ties to terrorists and their funding mechanisms. The links are denied. .

7. Jack Kemp is cited as a lobbyist for Akin Gump. . The same link will note that Kemp Group or Partners is also listed as a lobbyist
for Bearing Point. Bearing Point is the new name of KPMG Consulting, a subsidiary of the
accounting giant.

8. CISCO SYSTEMS is a major fund provider in NetForensics and KPMG, the previous parent of

KPMG Consulting now named Bearing Point. 7 Million from Cisco Systems... AND Cisco invests ONE BILLION IN KPMG. KPMG teams with CISCO and the United Nations.

9. Reid Morden , the former head of Canadian Intelligence CSIS, was also the head of KPMG

Corporate Intelligence. His latests stint has been as the executive director or #2 of the Volcker

Commission investigating the Oil-For-Food Corruption at the UN. Mr. Morden has been

criticized for having taken the job in spite of conflict of interests that were very obvious. AND,2933,149813,00.html "Morden...Frechette...relationship..30 years".

10. KPMG is involved in a scandal in Luxembourg that involves among many things links to


THE USA. AND The company name is ClearStream and KPMG was "either ignorant of the accounts or chose to ignore them".

11. Cisco systems contributes to former President Jimmy Carter linked Habitat for

Humanity. Simply 'google' Cisco Systems habitat for humanity- and connections will appear

from Bolivia to Katrina relief... Jimmy Carter has a connection to Samir Vincent along with Jack

Kemp and Jack Kemp is on the board of Habitat for Humanity. Jimmy Carter linked to Oil-
For-Food Scam. AND Kemp on Board. KPMG sponsors
Habitat for Humanity as well (determine via 'google' method - multiple entries).

The Conclusion as to whether or not the previous connections are mere coincidence or not is as

always up to the esteemed reader. However, how long can the public worship at the altar of the

goddess of endless coincidence? Sooner or later, one may come to the conclusion that a design or

plan must exist. This is not conspiracy THEORY. This is a conspiracy whose outlines can be seen

solely with FACTS.



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ph == as usual, right on the $$$, keep up the good work . . . and stay safe.

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