Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Black Sun: Evil Symbology ties 'mark of the beast',Hillary Clinton & Nazis-

The Nazi symbol, the inverted swastika comes from Tibet and is reversed in direction to be a

symbol of the powers of darkness rather than light, the swastika normally being a solar symbol

and a sign of good luck.

The SS initials stood for Schwarze Sonne or Black Sun or at least that is what is believed in

many historical quarters. The biblical mark of the beast has been equated with the RFID

spychips which politicians and business leaders in the USA seem desperate to use on everything

from the corpses of Katrina victims, to Walmart plastic junk, to household pets and children.

The symbol for the black sun / nazis is the following: .

The Symbol for the RFID-laden Smart Card Alliance is the following: - In the design, one can see a black sun and the rotation

would appear to go counter clockwise, like the nazi inverted swastika.

Hillary Clinton has become a RFID and even more sinister Telemedicine technology

cheerleader. Her cohort in this is Senate Majority leader Frist, who is in serious problems due to

alleged violations of a blind trust limitation breach and insider trading to the tune of millions of


Hillary promoting RFID for "seamless health care records" :

"The New HealthCare System" .

Hillary and Telemedicine:
Remarks on Health Information Improvement for Quality Act.

It is very well known that Hillary's husband Beijing Bill , had lots of chinese friends sleeping over in the Lincoln bedroom. No cite is needed for that widely known FACT.

Telemedicine is in fact... a deep cover Chinese army related intel operation called Operation

Gold Bridge. that goes back to 1993 ,

about the time Hill was being set up by her Beijing Bubba to be the socialized medicine czar for

the USA. Coincidence???

Anyone who believes that the Telemedicine/RFID scheme is benign need only look at the

American Telemedicine Association website to develop doubts. merely pass the cursor-arrow on to the various subsections and see how the

display lights up. Interesting is it not?

The PH Craftlove NWO Education Project leaves the ultimate conclusion to the reader as is

appropriate, but there is a question...Is Hillary playing the role of Eve in the garden of evil and

trying to get the american public to 'bite' the "gold" apple as suggested by the oriental serpent?


Blogger Leeq said...

Interesting connections PH.

Regarding Swastika symbolism and RFID, take a look at this:

These "swastika tags" are made by a company called Matrics (Matrix). However when I visited an old link I was redirected to a new site called, so it seems like they changed their name. What ever that means(?)

Here is the old link:

More on this here:

Keep up the good work PH

11:33 PM  
Blogger Leeq said...

Seems like that top link got Truncated. Let me try it again.
Go here to view pic:

11:36 PM  

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