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Sausalito, California is the home of John Walker Lindh, the so-called 'american

taliban' that was captured in afghanistan by US and allied forces. Walker was a

catholic as a child but left the church along with his mother. They both attended

the Zen 'Green Dragon Temple'. He then allegedly drifted to militant islam and

went to afghanistan , met Osama Bin Laden , fought for the taliban and was

ultimately captured tried and convicted.

Karl Haushoffer was a left-hand path/ black magic adept that acted as Adolph

Hitler's guru. He was part of the inner core of the nazi occult elite. An argument

could be made that he was the most senior in importance in this aspect of the

evil hierarchy's occult wing. He visited the far east and was a member , possibly

the only non-oriental member, of the "Green Dragon Society". This was a japanese

black magic sect that was widespread in the upper reaches of the Japanese armed


Maurice Strong is a very wealthy canadian that is closely associated with the

United Nations and is a major advocate of the rise of communist china , where he

currently resides. He is associated with the Paul Desmarais run Power Corp. of

Canada, that is the power behind the throne of canadian prime ministers, by

either employing the prime ministers before they reach that office or after for the

last several decades. The Power Corp. is the major shareholder in BNP-Paribas

and Total (or has been at times) Oil, Saddam Hussein's handpicked bank for the

now totally disgraced, discredited and corrupt Oil-For-Food Program with over

2,200 companies paying bribes to take part in the UN run program.

Mr. Strong's wife runs a new-age compound in Crestone, Colorado that this article

will show appears to have a direct link with the Green Dragon Temple in

Sausalito. Mr. Strong is a practicioner of Zen meditation as well.

The approach for this article will be numerical and utilize the exposure of links

under the theory " show me who your with and I'll tell you who you are".

John Walker Lindh-

1. Walker ,zen, Haushoffer: Walker studied Zen at the green dragon temple and
Haushoffer practiced Zen as a member of the green dragon society. .

2. Walker arrived at Sausalito at the age of ten from Silver Spring, Maryland.
That area is filled with intelligence agencies and their related activities. and .

3. Walker's father worked for the US DOJ (Department of Justice), the very agency
that would later prosecute his son. .

4. Mr. Lindh later worked as an attorney for PG& E which made out like a bandit
in the bogus 'energy crisis' created by Enron with the collusion of the present Bush
administration that ultimately toppled Governor Gray Davis. AND "Financial Windfall awaits PG&E executives".

Thus, the administration that prosecuted John Walker for what he did in
Afghanistan made his father's employer very much richer through the activity of
Enron which was involved in negotiations with the Taliban at the time Walker was there....coincidence? "How Enron Fabricated a Fake Energy Crisis in California" and "Enron Gave Taliban Millions" (met with taliban members in Texas)
As is well known Enron, Ken Lay and their crew was very close to Dick Cheney and
President George W. Bush...this does not require a citation it is very well known.

5. John Walker's defense lawyer was James Brosnahan , a former Iran-Contra
prosecutor. The Iran-Contra scandal implicated many in the Reagan
administration of which George H.W. Bush was Vice President and 'out of the loop'. Iran Contra Ghosts...

6. John Walker Lindh was named after John Lennon and Supreme Court Justice
John Marshall. John Lennon was killed by a CIA mind-controlled agent, which
may be what Walker-Lindh was.
(the author of the link believes George Bush 41 was responsible for the murder).

7. US Supreme Court Justice John Marshall was a freemason and master of the
grand Lodge of Virginia. United States Supreme Court
Justices who were Freemasons, Paul Bessel, 5-21-98.


1. haushoffer and Zen:

" military attache in Japan, he had studied Zen-Buddhism. He had
also gone through initiations at the hands of Tibetan Lamas. He became Hitler's
second "esoteric mentor" replacing Dietrich Eckart." .

2. haushoffer and Green Dragon Society:

"Green Dragon Society" Price of failure was death by suicide.

3. George Bush 41 father (Grandfather of Bush 43 and Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and S&L $50k fined Neil Bush and Marvin Bush whose maid just died mysteriously
when hit by a car), Prescott Bush FUNDED THE RISE OF ADOLPH HITLER AND
THE NAZI he was to the nazis in money what Haushoffer was in magic.
"George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush funded ...Hitler...nazi revolution" John Walker and Bush
41 share the "walker" name, possibility exists that they are relatives, but this is


1. Former California governor Jerry Brown studied Zen buddhism in japan and has
ties to CIA -front known as the Manhattan Institute. He was also trained by the
Jesuits. The Jesuits were Heinrich Himmler's 'role models' for the SS. .

2. Governor Brown selected Sim Van der Ryn as his State Architect. Mr. Van der
Ryn is a 'green' or ecology minded designer. AND . Both Wikipedia cites also state
that Jerry Brown went to Yale for law school, the home of Skull and Bones of
which Prescott Bush, Bush 41 and Bush 43 are members AND that Mr. Van der Ryn
was the "Rockefeller Scholar in Residence, Bellagio, Italy in 1997".
The Rockefellers are the first family of the so-called New World Order as all with
even cursory knowledge of the topic are aware.

3. The nazis founded the so-called Green Movement of which Van der Ryn is an
established architect and designer. "Ecofascism : Lessons From The German Experience.

4. Van der Ryn's , The Ecological Design Center created the Green Dragon Temple
and Lindisfarne Association Meeting House in Crestone , Colorado. .

5. The Lindisfarne Retreat Center is located on the Crestone Mountain Zen Center
in Crestone, Colorado. This is within the 'New Age' Compound run by Hanna Strong
the wife of Canadian United Nations icon Maurice 'Chairman Mo' Strong. .

6. A Dr. William Thompson of the Lindisfarne group also is connected to the Green Dragon Temple in Sausalito as noted on the website in #4 ,
supra. The history of Crestone and the involvement of Maurice Strong are noted on .

7. #4 website of the ecodesign org. of Van der Ryn and the wikipedia article or
infopiece on Professor William Thompson mention or note the involvement or
connection with the Esalen Institute by both.

8. The Esalen Institute is considered by some a cult and it appears to have extensive
connections to Russian leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin.
The Gorbachev Foundation President Jim Garrison is associated with the group. AND the Esalen Institute has
been called "one of the most sinister mind-control organizations in the United
States...". "The
State of the World Forum 2000, And 'The process of globalization'.

9. The Esalen group brought Boris Yeltsin to the USA for the first time before he
became leader of Russia and once hired gonzo-reporter Hunter Thompson as a
security guard. .

10. Boris Yeltsin was constantly taking security measures against psychic attack.
Yeltsin was protected by psychic KGB - Mind Kontrol Corner.

11. Hunter Thompson was 'suicided' due to his work on the WTC collapse story or
investigation into a child porn/prostitution ring involving high ranking USG leaders. .

12. Bush 43 had a male prostitute posing as reporter given access to the White
House. This matter has never been explained adequately. 200 visits
some days he checked in and no record of his checking out when there were no
press conferences scheduled.

13. Bush 41 had underage male prostitutes in the White House. "The pink triangle...".

14. Maurice Strong and George H.W. Bush are good friends. .

15. Gorbachev attended George H.W. Bush's birthday bash along with the former
President of Mexico Salinas de Gortari that is wanted in his own country for
drug dealing, money laundering and possible murder. Bush Sr Skydives into 8oth B'day.

16. Maurice Stong had to resign from his position at the United Nations due to a
scandal involving the oil for food program. "Oil for food confessions" .

17. Al Gore and Maurice Strong are connected to "the cult of Gaia", a form of
earth worship cult centered around the UN. . AND Al Gore has possibly been
subjected to mental brainwashing. The program is called NeuroLinguistic Programming.

18. A group that calls itself "The Nine" has set up shop inside the Esalen Institute
and apparently have influence or a connection to Al Gore.
Plan Nine from Outer Space...

19. John Walker Lindh may have been a CIA mind control victim.
The CIA brought mind control experts like Dr. Mengele to the US secretly after the war. Many of the experiments were performed on children. John Walker lived near to CIA facilities as a child in Silver Spring , Maryland. .

CONCLUSION: As always it is left to the reader. However, a belief in endless

coincidence is no more logical or sane when confronted with facts that show a

plan or design or pattern than belief that everything is a conspiracy. The problem

is differentiation between truth and chance. The question presented here- - IS IT

TRUTH or IS IT CHANCE that there seems to be an interconnectivity between

these persons?

PH Craftlove NWO Education Project.


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