Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Black "Benedict Arnolds" Serve The New World Order For Profit & Power
The Judas List - 1. Jesse Jackson 2. NAACP 3. Thurgood Marshall 4. Condoleeza Rice.

(In Memoriam to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and with all due respect to Louis Farrakhan for being only black leader to publicly stand up and discuss the truth about the recent genocide in New Orleans - Yes , the levees were blown and this article will provide one of the reasons WHY...) Did you really believe The Order that runs this country would allow a black leader that could threaten it to really emerge?? If you do, The Order now has much more swampland now in Louisiana to sell you.......

1. MLK died in the hands of a freemason that became the "leader" of the Civil Rights movement and a millionaire because of his death , like the romans used to say Cui Bono? Who Benefits? ... well Jesse sure did.

Jesse Jackson is a freemason: www.geocities.com/endtimedeception/famous.htm .

Martin Luther King died in his arms (according to Jesse , other refute this)

Some ultrasuspicious conspiracy theorists note Jesse Jackson's appearance shortly after the death covered with blood even though the first person to reach him according to this website was a black informant working for the memphis police and later the CIA.

The assassination of both Lincoln and Kennedy led to replacement Freemason Presidents and the assassination of MLK led to a replacement civil rights "leader" that GOSH! also happened to be a freemason. Had squeaky Fromme kill Ford - Nelson Rockefeller supremo of the NWO would have been our President and likewise if Reagan had died GHWB '41 would have been President - he gave his speech on the need for a "New World Order" on 9-11-1990.

- of course all of that is coincidence... we don't live in some two-party system version of Murder,Inc. do we?

The illustrious NAACP - permeated with FBI informants AND foreign Communist controlled stooges.

The NAACP is on a KGB prepared list of entities penetrated, directed, reporting to or controlled by the CIA. www.totse.com/en/politics/central_intelligence_agency/cia500.html .

Likewise, The CIA had reason to believe the NAACP was a Soviet KGB outfit- were both correct and if so, who was minding the store, so to speak for the average african-american?
www.modernhistoryproject.org/mhp/ArticleDisplay.php?Article=FinalWarn04 Either way the organization is a sell-out...

US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall:

"If it's a dope case...I won't even read the petition. I ai'nt giving no break to a drug dealer"
said to Life Magazine in 1987..."However, we have since learned that Justice Marshall was an informant for the FBI..." www.november.org/razorwire/rzold/01/essay1.html

Thurgood Marshall had secret contact with the FBI

J.Edgar Hoover the notorious head of "the bureau" besides being a cross-dressing gay in private while hating and bashing gays in public was a freemason.
No theory - plain fact: www.srjarchives.tripod.com/1997-05/deloach.htm

Thurgood was a freemason too - another coincidence too?
www.bessel.org/sctfmy.htm .

The FBI was founded by a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte's brother:

Napoleon Bonaparte was allegedly a descendant or believed he was of the Merovingian bloodline noted in the Da Vinci Code and his goal was control of the Spear of Destiny that pierced the side of Christ to rule the World - www.cephasministry.com/napoleons_connection_to_the_holy_roman_empire.html

Napoleon was also a freemason - He appointed his brothers to Masonic posts including the lineal ancestor of the founder of the FBI. www.freemasonry.bcy.ca/biography/bonaparte_n/bonaparte_n.html .

The FBI has taken over the DEA a few years ago and now has offices literally everywhere in the globe - Over 100 worldwide - www.techupdate.zdnet.com/techupdate/stories/main/0,14179,2869002,00.html .

CONDOLEEZA RICE, Ph.d - Secretary of State, third in line of succession to the Presidency:

At a minimum...she is a red chinese espionage agent, the highest ranking one they have since Clinton left the White House.

1. Her name came up repeatedly in an investigation into a red china spy ring in Stanford University of which she served as a Provost until coming into the Bush 43 White House as National Security Advisor.
"The chinese army spy and Condoleeza Rice" by Charles Smith, Jan. 24, 2001

2. Operation Able Danger - which discovered the "brooklyn cell" to which Mohammed Atta belonged to A YEAR BEFORE THE 9-11-01 attacks was shut down...not because of that but because it happened to be getting too much information on links between too many very high ranking American leaders and Communist China. The Program developed a "CHINA CHART".
Who was at the top of the list? Our next President in 2008 - Dr. Condoleeza Rice.
www.dark-wraith.com/2005/08/special-analysis-report-able-danger.html .
Also mentioned in the article is Phillip Zelikow, the chief counsel to the 9-11 Commission that
somehow just did not get to see or place much importance on this critical information on ATTA THAT COULD AND SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THE ATTACKS.

Mr. Zelikow is now the #2 at the State Department serving Dr. Rice, our illustrious Secretary of State, potential President and third in the line of succession should something happen to the current President or Vice-President.

What have Dr. Rice and Mr. Zelikow been doing at the State Department ...lately?

Coddling the Sudan fundamentalist muslim regime that is murdering blacks in Darfur by the thousands like it committed genocide against black africans in the southern regions of the country until recently - to the tune of 2.5 million dead. Black slavery en masse, rape on wide scale of men, women and children , mutilations and crucifixions of children. This regime is protected by Condi...
But then Dr. Rice's State Department in violation of the US constitutions Establishment Clause is fostering Islam and discriminating against Christians:
www.geostrategy-direct.com/geostrategy-direct/secure/2005/11_29/me.asp .

Coddling Sudan = www.thinkprogress.org/?tag=Sudan .

maybe, just maybe the reason is China...China has troops in the Sudan protecting oil fields, sell arms to the country and will stop any UN sanctions to keep the oil running smoothly.
www.sudantribune.com/article.php3?id_article=6355 . Biggest investor in Sudan oil = china.

www.newsmax.com/articles/?a=2000/8/30/195348 .

New Orleans and Genocide masked by Katrina:

While black women died and were raped in New Orleans after the levees broke - Condi was attending a tennis match in NYC sponsored in part by JPMorgan Chase, a bank she once served on an International Advisory Council for. She was also , like Imelda Marcos, the dictators wife in the Phillipines, buying lots of shoes.

"As (blacks primarily, in the) South Drowns, Rice Soaks in N.Y."
www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=18155430&postID=113333150611919769 .

She attended a professional Tennis match in New York sponsored by JPMC
www.usopen.org/en_US/about/sponsors_jpmorgan.html - The link shows one could donate to Katrina relief...the same Katrina that Condoleeza ignored while laughing it up on Broadway watching 'Spamalot'. "Condoleeza Rice visits US OPEN" and much more - www.natereport.blogspot.com .

JPMorgan Chase recently apologized for having been involved in the Slave Trade-
google JPMorgan Chase Slavery - for numerous articles, one on www.blackvoicenews.com indicates that the bank used 13,000 slaves as Collateral for loans IN LOUISIANA - you know the same place where Katrina levee sabotaged New Orleans is...
it was in fact the "Slaver's Bank" www.sf.indymedia.org/news/2005/02/1710713.php .

Dr. Rice worked for JPM-C : www.rightweb.irc-online.org/profile/1325 .

JPM-C recently settled its portion of a HUGE LAWSUIT which potentially could have bankrupted it and fellow co-defendant Barrick Gold. see www.savegold.com . The class action suit brought by the Blanchard Gold dealing company in New Orleans could have meant just over one hundred BILLION dollars in damages under RICO statutes and implicated George H W Bush and others who have involvement with Barrick Gold.
Barrick was on the ropes - in settlement talks with Blanchard - to admit and settle meant they had been manipulating THE PRICE OF GOLD FOR YEARS THROUGH ILLEGAL USE OF DERIVATIVES....to not settle meant getting destroyed in open court and possible criminal prosecution. suddenly Katrina comes along, the levees break and the whole legal system of New Orleans is washed away; offices, computers, the Federal Courthouse, the Federal Appeals Courthouse, lawyers homes, files....all gone down into the swamp. Years to put it all back together IN TEXAS...where the court system has moved to...how convenient.

maybe condi had a personal interest in those levees getting breached...

Condoleeza Rice also worked for Chevron Texaco and even had a supertanker of theirs named after her - ( SEE PHOTOS !) www.aztlan.net/oiltanker.htm .

ChevronTexaco ships have been used to commit GENOCIDE against black people in the Nigerian Delta oilfields - "gross human rights violations by Chevron...niger delta of Nigeria"
www.earthrights.org/chevron/index.shtml . The human beings that are being violated in that delta are black in case the reader does not know....is this not being a race traitor? What else can it be?

The list could be longer, Kofi and Kojo Annan and Rwanda...Colin Powell and his speech at the UN about mobile bioweapons labs that did not exist and so forth...but who will the worst in history be? Michael Powell, Colin's son and former head of the FCC. WHY?

He allowed the usage of RFID technology as head of the FCC. This technology now opens the door for the widespread introduction of spychip implants that the bible referred to as :

www.cybertime.net/~ajgood/ecommerce.html and www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RFID &

CONCLUSION: Since the death of MLK and Malcolm X , The Order allows and ensures only "pet" black leaders to emerge. Any who differ end up joining MKL and Malcolm in the early grave.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project

Recently, the headlines were filled with the tragic story of terrorist bombings in Jordan at several hotels. Allegedly, the attackers were suicide bombers. Not long after the official story went out it began to develop holes and fall apart, much like the false-flag London bombings.

One of the dead in the attack was a long-time Hollywood director responsible for the "Halloween" horror movies starring "Michael Myers" the zombie killer that never dies and keeps hunting down and killing teenagers that are getting too amorous, so to speak.

This article will attempt to show the extensive masonic/illuminati connections surrounding this
director, one of the few muslims of note in Hollywood and also attempt to provide a reason as to WHY he may have been targeted by forces far more sinister than the villain protagonist of his horror movies.


1. The bombings in Jordan were a false-flagger. The bombs were actually in the roof of the buildings rooms.
Israeli Citizens evacuated from hotels hours before bombs went off-why not Wedding party which muslim director died at?
www.argentina.indymedia.org/news/2005/11/347886.php .

Attack showed indications that it was in fact "State Terror"
See photos of roof debris being blown DOWNWARDS. Also - lead bomber had been in US custody and released to do this - without explanation. They do not even say it was a mistake.

The attack that blew up the wedding party caused roof to collapse. Al Qaeda or whomever really did it said that blowing up the muslim wedding was unintentional. Weddings are planned months in advance - The perpetrators HAD TO KNOW WHO WAS GOING TO BE THERE.
Zarqawi apologized for that part of the bombing...when does he ever do that? He said Israeli and USA intel agents were meeting in one of the halls and that the "brothers" knew exactly what to bomb...but the Israelis were removed hours before - the bombings went off nonetheless and the wedding party suffered most of the dead. The lead bomber and his wife in fact talked their way INTO THE WEDDING AND BLEW HIMSELF UP PRECISELY THERE.
www.ksat.com/news/5356179/detail.html & www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/11/18/world/main1057738.shtml .




He came to the US in the 1950s and found work as a Producer at CBS. The symbol for CBS is the all-seeing eye of Horus, an egyptian god central to Illuminati ideology.

CBS was set up to be a critical part of the Shadow Government by President Eisenhower:
www.homegame.org/totalinformation/2004_03-14_archive.html .

In 1976, he made a film called The Message about , the founder of Islam , Mohammed. The film starred Anthony Quinn. This was Akkad's first "break". Anthony Quinn was a close friend and confidante of world famous architect FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT - he is described as a "student" of his - www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Quinn .

Frank Lloyd Wright was heavily into the dark side of the occult:
He married a disciple and followed the occult master Gurdjieff and used his "teachings" on his students. www.prairiestyles.com/wright.htm .

Wright was also influenced by Helena Blavatasky who claimed to have been given teachings in Tibet by the "Lord of the World" (which the Bible calls satan).

Anthony Quinn also starred in another movie of Akkad's about a Libyan desert fighter against Mussolini that was funded by Muammar Qaddhafi, the bizarre strongman of Libya to the tune
of 35 million USD. (see wikipedia piece on Akkad, supra). The two most serious movies by Akkad involved Frank Lloyd Wright disciple Quinn portraying muslim heroes. Both met serious opposition, criticism and threats.

Muammar Qaddafi is suspected of being involved in a global freemason conspiracy or group.
"Trial hears Qaddafi Mason Claim" www.news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/944606.stm .

Akkad was in the process of making a movie with Sean Connery about the life of Saladin, a Kurdish muslim leader that fought the crusader with chivalry and honor (see previous wiki note on Akkad).

Sean Connery is a supporter of Scottish Independence and has expressed an interest in doing work on mystic themes there. www.electricscotland.com/history/mystical.htm

& Sean Connery played the role of a freemason who becomes king of a remote tribe of pagans in Afghanistan in the movie "The man who would be King". (The tribe actually still exists - they have managed to avoid forcible conversion to islam by hiding in very remote mountain regions).
www.mastersjewel.chainreactionweb.com.catalog/index.php?cPath=1&osCsid=54a872edOd2276b6e859211ff2f5c99f The Master's Jewels - The man who would be King. In fact the man does not become a King, he becomes a deity...which is exactly what is behind the biblical number 666 - man trying to become God.

Saladin's portrayal by Akkad MAY ...repeat MAY not have been favored by the largely jewish Hollywood elite since it would be very favorable since all accounts of Saladin are that he was a man of his word and utmost honor and chivalry.

Saladin was a Kurd .... the fact that he is the most revered and noble MUSLIM in history by nonmuslims and IS NOT AN ARAB...may not have been viewed well by certain Saudi and fundamentalist interests or Pan-Arab nationalists EITHER.

a convergence of interests...perhaps? - Ironically, Saladin was born in Tikrit, same as Saddam.

Akkad, obviously, was killed in Jordan. The King of Jordan and his deceased father, the previous monarch were Freemasons. www.geocities.com/entimedeception/famous.htm .

Numerous new draconian security measures have been set into place in Jordan since the "terrorist" attacks. King Abdullah needed advice on this and he met personally with Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte.
www.baltimoresun.com/news/nationworld/bal-te.jordan16nov16,1,6501021.story?coll=bal-attack-headlines&ctrack=1&cset=true . 11 officials resigned including the national security advisor who was replaced with the Jordanian ambassador to Israel.

John D. Negroponte is a Yale graduate and skull and bones society member and reputed to have set up death squads in central america during the 1980s wars there.
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Negroponte .

He is now as noted in the wiki site above, the Director of National Intelligence, a position created as a recommendation by the 9-11 Commission. Said commission was a fraud that covered up the fact that a secret military unit named ABLE DANGER had discovered Mohamed Atta, the alleged 9-11 hijackers' leader A YEAR BEFORE THE ATTACKS. Recently retired FBI chief Louis Freeh states that the commission itself should be investigated for this lapse.
"Louis Freeh Charges 9/11 Commission Cover-Up" www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2005/11/17/122900.shtml .

But then a coverup is to be expected when one sees the connections that all of the members of the commission had to the so-called New World Order:
Persons representing these interests are said to "INFEST" the committees investigating 9-11, a False-Flag terror attack that led to new "Security measures" much like London and now Jordan.
www.propagandamatrix.com/whitewash.html or simply google Whitewash conspiracy.

See following site for gender/ethnic/political/secular-religious makeup of Hollywood:
www.homevideo.net/FIRM/control.htm .

The previous article on this blog (scroll down) of the near-absolute control that JPMorganChase has over Hollywood movie funding and who is behind JPMC ( It is the only US bank with a license to operate in Saudi Arabia -which is odd since the Koran forbids the charging of interest on debts -
www.biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2005/11/25/business/12689064 .) the following conclusion MAY be a possibility:

1. The attack in Jordan had as a partial purpose to eliminate the lead muslim in Hollywood that was about to make a movie with a huge "Star" Sean Connery that would portray a muslim kurd leader in a good light:

Portraying muslims in a good light is VERBOTTEN IN HOLLYWOOD
www.cal.jmu.edu/gmad150/Arabs&Stereotypes%20in%20Films.htm "Hollywood Now Plays Cowboys and Arabs.

Portraying Kurds in a good light is VERBOTTEN IN SAUDILAND
"Kurds Trade Fire With Local Arabs"
www.sfgate.com/cgi-bni/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2003/04/13/MN306604.DTL .

The Rockefeller led NWO , the force behind the Illuminati does not want to lose Scotland to independence something favored by Sean Connery, nor the numerous Knight Templar mystical sites in that country. www.hermes-press.com/impintro.htm

Thus - AKKAD went too far...a convergence of interests mandated his demise under the guise of an "unintentional" casualty of an - in reality- State sponsored false flag attack.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project.

Monday, November 28, 2005

JPMorganChase funds 95% of all Films Produced in Hollywood
Evidence provided of Illuminati Control over America's #1 Export

The following website/link is straight from the Horse's orifice...no bull. Whenever any entity controls 95% of any industry , they may as well control 100%. The remaining 5% must tow the line or risk being black-listed and hearing "you'll never work in this town again".

Think about all of the corrupt garbage that comes out of Hollywood, sex, violence, drugs, smoking, a disdain for marriage, parents, traditional values.

Meanwhile, never a bad thing to say about for example Bankers, certain religious/ethnic affiliations or persons who prefer the company of their own sex over the opposite, etc...

There are also those that indicate that Hollywood creates a venue to further fringe and new age so-called religions and viewpoints. Since JPMorganChase is associated with the Illuminati/NWO this makes sense, a vast medium that shapes, molds and develops the worldview of Americans and even more so foreign people that do not get to see the real America on a day to day basis, the good and the not-so good.


1. JPMorganChase owns Hollywood - He who pays the piper calls the tune...

Los Angeles Business Journal - November 29, 2004 - Michael White -
"JPMorganChase gets films done by the numbers" - 95% of movies made are decided on by one banker working for the bank.
www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m5072/is_48_26/ai_n8592207 .

2. Thou shalt have no false gods before me...

a) Madonna and Kabbalah www.cultnews.com/archives/000824.html .

b) Tom Cruise -Scientology www.rickross.com/reference/scientology/mcpherson/mchpherson5.html .

c) Kenneth Anger www.victorian.fortunecity.com/updike/723/page.html

3. It is not just Hollywood but Government leaders too -

a) Republican /President Bush - Yogi Bhajan www.cultnews.com/archives/000779.html

b) Democrat / NM Governor Bill Richardson (presidential material for dems) Yogi Bhajan as well www.cultnews.com/archives/000778.html .

c) Other Politicians in New York - Marxist cult and Schumer and Bloomberg - www.cultnews.com/arhcives/000712.html

d) Sun Myung Moon joins forces with Scientology in an "alliance" - Arizona Legislature.
www.cultnews.com/archives/000701.html .

e) The "Newmanites" cult in "c" previously also counts as fans Governor Pataki of NY , Ralph Nader and Rudy Giuliani. www.cultnews.com/archives/00724.html .

Author Peter Levenda has a book out recently on the occult background of US politics - essentially the masses are told all is secular when in fact many politicians are involved in the occult in the USA...

www.laurahird.com/newreview/sinisterforces.html * not for the fainthearted...

4. JPMorgan Chase and the Occult/New World Order / Illuminati:

"A New World Order"? - www.mystae.com/restricted/streams/masons/conspire.html This link details the history of this phenomenon in the last century or so.

World Trade Center , New York , lease and Laotian heroin too...
www.911research.wtc7.net/wtc/background/owners.html .

Largest Pentagonal building with UNEQUAL SIDES - JPMorganChase Tower in Houston, TX.
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J.P._Morgan_Chase_Tower%2C_Houston .
In Occult belief systems , uneven sides allow the presence of negative forces. The pentagonal shape pervades the occult. www.startiming.net/cave/wdc-1.html .

"The Profits of Plunder" JPMorganChase and Hitler - www.usnews.com/usnews/culture/articles/040524/24nazis.b.htm .

JPMorganChase manage Saudi arabia's investments and profit from high price of oil
Rockefeller dynasty involved / finger in every pie. www.workers.org/2005/us/gas-prices-0901/ . The list goes on but this writer believes the point is made.

ninetyfive percent of movies made are given thumbs up or down by an
employee of JPMorganChase , this includes so-called
independent producers and films...think about what this means regarding the very underpinnings of modern media based global 'culture'.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Part Two: Will Guvernator Conan Barbarian execute Crips Founder "Tookie"
Williams? - How can he do this to the "George Washington" of South Central?

Part One references the fact that Mr. Williams gang, the Crips, was used by the Central Intelligence Agency to retail the Crack cocaine in the african-american inner city. Thus it MAY be unfair to allow his execution when in fact he has been acting as a government employee. Other details provided on the background of this as part of a continuing pattern of genocide by the NWO, Illuminati, call them what you will. pls see -

www.freedomcrowsnest.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=309155#309155 or scroll down this blog to the article.


1. Jonas Savimbi, the now deceased leader of the UNITA movement in Angola was compared
to Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic by the British Government for his role in atrocities and the so-called "blood diamonds" trade in Africa (kind of like a shinier more upper-scale version of the CIA inspired "crack" trade in the African-american community).
www.angola.org/news/pensador/december99/hain.html .

The British Government in fact said that Savimbi was their "target". (see above link)

This is odd...because RONALD REAGAN CALLED JONAS SAVIMBI THE "GEORGE WASHINGTON OF AFRICA" www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=2576 .
Said article goes on to point out that this blood diamond and oil for arms to UNITA scandal implicated The present Bush administration, in particular Vice President Cheney , Jacques Chirac and the son of former French leader Mitterand.

(oddly enough the British also had the REAL GEORGE WASHINGTON AS THEIR "Target" for death once too...another coincidence?)

He was killed by a combined United Nations, Cuban DGI (their KGB) CIA hit team as part of a big money deal regarding oil sales cut by all three entities. He had outlived his usefulness, like Tookie.
www.visionministries.org/sections/hotcon/news/003_brad_phillips.asp .

www.uncover.us/en/wikipidea/f/fe/february_22.html Ironically, February 22 is also the date of death of Amerigo Vespucci, the Man who gave America its name - is this symbolic of the fact that the real America is dead or dying?

Vice President Cheney's Halliburton had a 200 million USD deal with the communist government of Dos Santos in Luanda, Angola. Savimbi , a master at survival could "not have been tracked without sophisticated US and Israeli technology". This link also shows EXTENSIVE LINKS BETWEEN THE KENNEDY FAMILY AND THE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OF ANGOLA - KENNEDY CLANSTERS (rhymes with gangsters) WERE ON THE PAYROLL OF A FRONT COMPANY TO THE TUNE OF HUNDREDS OF KS IN "SALARY". www.conservativeusa.org/angola.htm .

Who sits in the Governor's Mansion in Sacramento married to the man who will make a decision regarding the life and death of Tookie? Maria Schriver Kennedy (grandaughter of nazi-symp Joseph Kennedy).

Who put Terminator in the Governor's mansion ? Dick Cheney by manufacturing an energy crisis which led to an economic downturn in California which then led to the bogus "recall election" featuring a midget has-been and a porno-prostitute as National TV candidates for the Governorship. This State coup d'etat included Ken Lay of Enron, Dr. Irani of Occidental Petroleum leader and successor to the infamous Armand Hammer and convicted felon Michael Milken the crashed "junk bond King".

So what's new in Angola ? Well, they received financing from a French bank known as Calyon for an oil deal. Only a french bank? Well , no, also RBS, the Royal Bank of Scotland that happens to own Coutts Bank, that happens to be the PRIVATE BANK OF THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND -
(remember , the British made Savimbi -the black George Washington , not the white one- their "target").
www.business-humanrights.org/Categories/RegionsCountries/Africa/Angola .

Coutts Bank/ RBS/ Queen - Coutts manager said as "Queen's Banker" leaves job at Coutts for job at - - Carlyle Group.
www.money.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2001/12/19/cncoo19.xml&sSheet=/money/2001/12/19/ixfrontcity.html .

& RBS now owns Coutts - www.gap.org.uk/ucareer/bps_rbs.html

Coutts appears to have HEAVY freemasonic links according to its own website- it customers were involved in the US & French revolutions, the Napoleonic Wars and the "opening" of India and the Far East www.coutts.com/history/index.asp . This site indicates that the founder of the
bank made collars and badges for "The order of the Thistle" a freemasonic linked entity in Scotland. www.masonicthemes.com/tartan.html . The masonic groups under the order of the Thistle are also known as Black Knights and have "Black Cap organizations".
www.srmason-sj.org/web/journal-files/Issues/jun03/dixon.htm .

Kojo Annan, the playboy, corrupt son of United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan deposited money from companies linked to the oil-for-food program corruption into accounts under an alias in THE COUTTS BANK BRANCH IN SWITZERLAND. (remember- the UN inclusion into the "hit team" alleged in previous link and British Government PUBLICLY CALLING SAVIMBI A TARGET)
UN chief's son received cash from company's in probe - and the Queen , MI-5 and 6 etc... did not know this?

The Royal Bank of Scotland is a Rockefeller controlled institution which acts as a link between Haliburton, Kellog , Brown & Root and the British nobility. It tried to cover up bad news from the frontlines of the Katrina disaster with commercials (was Katrina a disaster or mass murder?) www.portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/10/326655.shtml on FOX Network.

Calyon was also named as a loan giver to the Angola regime. Calyon used to be known as Carr Futures. www.calyonfinancial.com/about/pressroom.html .

Carr Futures is implicated in the Oil For Food scandal as well with the US company Bayoil run by David Chalmers who allegedly helped arm Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war with CIA assets in Chile. "Gut Check" www.context.themoscowtimes.com/stories/2005/04/22/120.html &
"Supplemental Report on Bayoil Diversions of Iraqi Oil and related Oversight Failures
www.hsgac.senate.gov/files/BAYOILSupplementalReportExhibitsOct05.pdf . Repeated payments to a company known as Carr Futures.


The country could be torn apart causing the oil rich south to secede.
www.why-war.com/news/2005/08/08/withgara.html .

Garang was a CIA asset or ally-
www.fas.org/irp/world/para/spla.htm .

A better deal as in Angola was arrived at with the EVIL Khartoum regime of fanatical muslims that once hosted Osama Bin Laden and has killed 2.5 million mostly Christian southern Sudanese. CIA visits Sudan shortly before his death "Sudan eyes gains from terror talks"
www.news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4272766.stm .

AN ALLY FROM HELL "CIA's close relationship with Sudan allows genocide (of black africans by arab or part arab northeners) to continue"
www.platform.blogs.com/passionofthepresent/2005/05/an_ally_from_he.html From article in Village Voice.

US, UK and Israel "turned" on Garang - same crew as in Angola.
www.aangirfan.blogspot.com/2005/08/dead-john-garang-vice-president-of.html .

This global perspective comes home to roost on December 13, 2005, the day Tookie is scheduled to be executed. If Garang and Savimbi are The George Washingtons of Angola and Sudan - according to the US government, not this writer, is Tookie Williams not the GW of South-Central? We can do nothing about the african leaders but we can prevent an african-AMERICAN from being executed by a FOREIGNER that was put on the throne by economic warfare, sabotage and conspiracy.

The question is NOT "should he be executed" but instead Does the Coup d'Etat nazi scion regime in Sacramento have THE MORAL AUTHORITY TO STICK THE NEEDLE IN -

FOR THIS WRITER THE ANSWER IS "NO". www.tookie.com Pls sign the petition and leave a message for the powers that be.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project

Saturday, November 26, 2005

NEW WORLD ORDER GUVERNATOR TO DECIDE ON EXECUTION OF "CRIPS" GANG FOUNDER- L.A. street gangs created/controlled by the Illuminati:

California Guvernator Arnold Schwarzenneger must decide whether or not to proceed with the execution of the
founder of the LA street gang, "Tookie Williams" currently scheduled for the 13th of December.

Significant information is available that is indicative of two premises:

1. Arnold Schwarzenneger is a member of the New World Order cabal. Likely, a mid or upper-mid level officer.

2. The LA street gangs the crips and bloods were formed by the CIA and others working for the NWO.

THIS PRESENTS A DILEMMA - Do they kill one of their own creations or do they

allow for leniency. Whatever the decision the reader can rest assured that it will be based on a

cold, ruthless calculation of what serves the interests of the Illuminati best...the issue of the

alleged murdered victims (Tookie claims to be innocent of three of the four murders), "Justice"

and so forth is just rubbish for mass consumption.

This writer's $ if it were an appropriate topic for wagering, which it is not, is DEATH, thumbs down.

After all, they are not called THE ORDER OF DEATH ...for nothing.


1. The Guvernator is NWO:

Arnold has enormous delusions of grandeur...he dreams of being a dictator or messiah. He , like Barak Obama, Maurice Strong and others is suspected of being an "anti-christ" figure as the
prophet Nostradamus would describe the term.
www.timboucher.com/journal/2005/03/president-schwarzenegger-third-anti.html .

Arnold's father is a nazi and his friend war-criminal Kurt Waldheim, former leader of the UN and a host of other fascist and occultic connections can be found in the following site:
www.infowars.com/print/nwo/shwartz_section.htm .

2. The Crips are a creation of the NWO:

www.mindcontrolforums.com/pro-freedom.co.uk/usa_secret_police.html "America's secret police force" - secret arming and training of crips/bloods by the Government.

Both the rise of Red China and its attempted arming of Crips and bloods on the West Coast were
part of the lifting of China by the NWO much like they tried to do with the Nazis in the 1920-30s. www.internet-grocer.com/chinese.htm .

The opium cartel that was based in the northeast of the USA, the predecessor or platform so to
speak of Skull and Bones was known as the Blue Bloods. Blue is the color of the Crips and the Bloods are the name of the gang that wears red , obviously.
www.daghettotymz.com/rkyvz/articles/skull&bones/s&b1.html .

The CIA used the crips and bloods to spread the crack cocaine epidemic in the so-called inner
city. www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/article_1716.shtml .

The ends justify the means...
www.monitor.net/monitor/free/crackreport.html .

What became of this ? nothing...except reporter Gary Webb was murdered by the Order...
www.ndsn.org/oct96/ciadrugs.html .

"America's secret war" (against black people ...now 3.5 centuries old and going full speed ahead)
www.thirdworldtraveler.com/CIA/secret_war.html .

General Gehlen, the head of German Intelligence in occupied soviet territores during WWII was in essence the founder of the underpinnings of the CIA.
www.plp.org/books/Stalin/node142.html .

"Only UPI noted the CIA's admission that following WWII Hitler's top general in charge of espionage transferred his entire network of thousands of spies and double agents to what became the newly-formed CIA.....CIA has been molded by these former Nazis whose ideas on
Eugenics, race, social control, biowarfare and propaganda dominate the policies of countless "think tanks" like the Rockefeller funded Manhattan Institute..."
www.freerepublic.com/forum/a39d2cec13c69.htm .

Arnold married Maria Schriver Kennedy, a member of the Kennedy Clan.
www.german.about.com/library/blaschwarz.htm .
Her grandfather old Joe Kennedy, father of JFK was pro-hitler and pro-nazi to the point that
Winston Churchill had him kicked out of the UK were he had been the US ambassador.
www.hnn.us/articles/697.html .

The love of the nazis by the father did not save the son-
www.prouty.org/brussell/nazi-1.html .

What did the nazis think of black people or africans?
The best that could be hoped for was sterilization...
www.amonhotep.com/2004-0901.html .

so now...the son of a nazi, married to the grandaughter of a nazi get to decide that a black crip founder must die - you know - because he is "evil" when the CIA, the organization that was created by nazi exiles used the Crips to sell crack that killed and kills thousand of black americans even in the womb without a single criminal charge ever being raised.....Justice or Genocide, which is it?

www.afro-netizen.com/2005/11/stanley_tookie_.html .

please sign the petition to spare his life - he has apologized for founding the Crips (an organization that the governments of both the USA and China seem to find no problem "dealing" with) and professes his innocence of three of the four crimes.
www.tookie.com/ - note: this does not belittle the people he allegedly killed in 1981- but if he should be executed wouldn't it only be fair to have a lot of CIA operatives lined up before him?

and you know that will NEVER HAPPEN.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project

Thursday, November 24, 2005

NWO-Illuminati Controlled World Wildlife Fund "takes a stand" vs. Global Warming - Continuation of Effort to Profit from Kyoto Carbon-Credit Scam:

The endless debate over global warming is part of an effort to install a One-World government

based on the false theory that individuals and individual nation States cannot effectively manage

their own affairs and need to be guided by some intellectually superior entity or group with

collectivist tendencies. This is the entire premise for the United Nations , World Bank and other

institutions one could think of that constantly inject into the mainstream media the premise that

1. The Earth is dying and needs to be saved (by submitting to their authority); and

2. That Global Warming exists , is caused by certain gases created by human civilization and
can be eliminated-mitigated or controlled by "Sustainable Development" - guided again by the NWO front-entities.

This is nothing more than a fear tactic scam to gain power and profit by the "chosen few" that worship as Mikhail Gorbachev called it "the spirit of the Earth" or better said what the Bible
calls "The lord of this World".

The Evidence:


1. "Tour operator Takes a Stand Against Global Warming"
World Wildlife Fund says global warming will cause Polar Bear extinction. The answer?

Purchase "tickets" for GreenHouse gas and carbon offsets through an exchange known as
"MyClimate". www.My-Climate.com . US $16 can buy you 1.5 tons of greenhouse gases because the money "might be invested in solar ovens in Africa".

Searching the My-Climate site shows that the operation is established as a charity in banking secrecy haven Switzerland and the exchange mechanisms are effectuated by a German company known as 500 PPM Gmbh in Germany.

The German company is apparently connected to Co2e a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald, the
largest trader of US T-bonds that took a direct hit on WTC 1 on 9-11.
www.co2e.com/common/faq.asp?intPageElementID=3396&intCategoryID=29 .

Some believe Cantor Fitzgerald is tied in with organized crime and gambling including the "Osama Bin Laden of Gambling..."
"9/11 and the Mob" www.torontofreepress.com/2005/cover071105.htm .

The co2e site also says its operations are "in association with PriceWaterHouseCooper" This
accounting firm is involved in supposedly auditing Online Casinos.
www.gambling.com/online/price-waterhouse-coopers-casino.htm .

The previously mentioned www.co2e.com Carbon Trading entity site notes that another investor is Mitsui company of Japan. Said company was controlled by the Japanese Yakuza AT LEAST during the second world war era and along with Suzuki is one of the two surviving japanese companies that belonged to the so called Opium Monopoly Bureau of Japan.

The attack which wiped out the Cantor Office in Manhattan on 9-11 led to the US invasion of
Afghanistan and the FLOURISHING-AS-YOU-READ-THIS opium trade there, under US and UK noses...coincidence? www.americanmafia.com/Features_Articles_34.html Mitsui/opium.

Afghanistan/opium- "...Crop back to record levels" www.rense.com/general28/backe.htm .

Kyoto Trading and World Bank 'bookie' ...World Bank would make a commission on all trades and could have gotten 100 million a year in these transactions.
www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1351482/posts and www.cato.org/dailys/05-10-01.html

The Kyoto treaty is fased on bad science or outright fraud behind the so-called "Hockey Stick"
theory claiming that greenhouse gases cause global warming.
www.john-daly.com/hockey/hockey.htm & www.nationalcenter.org/Climate-Gate.html .


Sustainable Development = depopulation, genocide to achieve control




www.groups.yahoo.com/group/Illuminati_SS_Brethren/message/60 .

The previous post noted connections to the Nazis by both founders.

The World Wildlife Fund is involved in a "cross-recognition agreement" with the Chicago Climate Exchange, another emissions trading platform based on the Kyoto greenhouse gases treaty www.chicagoclimatex.com/news/pr_041006.html .

Maurice Strong is listed or has been recently as a Public Director of the Chicago Climate Exchange. www.chicagoclimatex.com/about/people_board.html .

Mr. Strong is the "custodian of the planet" according to the New York Times and the Michelangelo of Networking - www.iresist.com/cbg/strong.html .

The "champagne socialist , full of bubbles" is or has been on the board of directors of the World Wildlife Fund - www.lifesite.net/Idn/2003/jul/030718a.html .

The World Wildlife Fund is connected to a Eugenics movement that is nazi-like and genocidal in nature. This process is connected to the british Tavistock Institute.
www.murabitun.cyberummah.org/wwf-eugenics/ .

The Tavistock Institute is a British mindcontrol laboratory designed to serve the New World Order - * Recently the bomb the killed 33 people on the London bus bombing splattered remains on the door of the Tavistock institute. Some believe it was a human sacrifice of sorts.
www.lasttrumpetministries.org/2005/August2005.html .

A major funding source for the World Wildlife Fund is The Joyce Foundation, the creator of the Chicago Climate Exchange. The Joyce Foundation also gives money to the World Wildlife fund.

www.activistcash.com/foundation.cfm/did/139 ...

Who sits on the Board of the Joyce Foundation handing out cash to virtually every environmental group imaginable?
Senator Barak Obama of Illinois

One of the companies listed as taking part in the Chicago Climate Exchange program is called Carr Futures, it is a subsidiary of Calyon, a french financial entity.
www.chicagoclimatex.com/news/html/CCXpr080201.htm .

Senate hearings on the Oil-For-Food Scandal indicate in reference to the accused Bayoil company that "The ledger shows multiple payments to a commodities broker named "CARR FUTURES"... "Supplemental Report on Bayoil Diversions of Iraq Oil".
www.hsgac.senate.gov/_files/BAYOILSupplementalReportExhibitsOct05.pdf .

Carr Futures suffered horribly on September 11, 2001...oddly enough, just like Cantor Fitzgerald that helps run the co2e emissions trading system.
www.guardian.co.uk/wtccrash/story/0,1300,552110,00.html .

Carr Futures was located on the 92 Floor of the North Tower. 9+ 2 = 11 an odd numerological
"coincidence" to the date 9-11. The Executive Vice President Mr. Cruikshank was an Army combat veteran. www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2001/09/25/wtc-rememberance.htm

Barak Obama may someday be our President

Both he and fellow Chicago Climate Exchange /Joyce Foundation / World Wildlife Fund linked

Maurice Strong have been mentioned by as the possible "anti-christ".

www.apostropher.com/blog/archives/001712.html and www.endtime.com/magarchive.asp?ID=6

Prince Charles of England has also been mentioned as an Antichrist candidate his father was Prince Philip the co-founder of the WWF.
www.clydelewis.com/dis/prince/prince.html .

The mysterious Jesuit order has even gotten into the Chicago Climate Exchange as a member-

The Mayor of Chicago is backing this climate exchange and he has been associated with the CIA front known as the Manhattan Institute (which has many Jesuit trained leaders) -
www.manhattan-institute.org/html/ui_winners.htm#daley & www.theuniversalseduction.com/articles/the-manhattan-institute-nexus-for-cia-jesuits-sir-rudy-govmoonbeam-the-un-and-nazis .

In Fact, Mayor Daley is the Honorary Chairman of the Exchange
www.chicagoclimatex.com/about/people_advisory.html . He backs the "Chicago Wilderness Recovery plan" which would in effect remove humanity from certain regions or areas.

This oddly enough mirrors a report on the need for Depopulation of the globe due to Security interests that was authored by China Lobbyist, retired General Brent Scowcroft.
www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/depopulation.htm .

Brent Scowcroft and Maurice Strong jointly encouraged the signing of the Pro-United Nations environmentalist "Rio Accords" by President George H W Bush. Bush 41 gave his "New World
Order" speech on September 11, 1990...(9-11-1+9+9=19 for any amateur numerologists)
www.newswithviews.com/Stubbs/rodney3.htm .

Question Presented to the esteemed Reader: Can all of this be Coincidence???

PH Craftlove , Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rockefeller University Gets Millions From Alleged Heroin-Linked Foundation For Stem Cell Research From Human Fetuses-
Science for the Betterment of Humankind?

The Rockefeller Foundation/University can now proudly announce 100 years of experimentation on Human Beings:

The Present:

Rockefeller University is one of three recipients of a 50 million dollar grant by the Starr Foundation for Stem Cell research. Rockefeller U has 75 labs conducting research into this field some of which use "human embryonic ... non-registry cell lines...for which federal dollars cannot be used".

www.rockefeller.edu/benchmarks/benchmarks_061705_b.php .

1. The Starr Foundation has been linked allegedly (which they deny) to the Vietnam War era intelligence/CIA related heroin trafficking. Links Monica Lewinsky prosecutor Ken Starr (he has family links to the Foundation allegedlly, to Bill Clinton, Bush 41 drug trafficking in the Mena,
Arkansas Airport). "Bipartisan Corruption doesn't get the radical critique it deserves"... www.rigorousinstitution.blogspot.com/2005/02/bill-and-george-happy-at-last.html .

& See- The History behind the Starr empire and its links to the current AIG insurance giant
scandal, the CIA, and southeast asia drug trade.
www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ciadrugs/part_2.html .

2. Ken Starr is related to the Foundation: "Scheme to assasinate Wayne Madsen"?
www.sf.indymedia.org/news/2005/08/1718841.php .

3. The Starr Foundation likes to fund experiments in human genetics and blood.
STARR CENTER FOR HUMAN GENETICS - "The large ethnically diverse population available in New York City provides an opportunity for comprehensive genetic analysis..."
www.rockefeller.edu/graduate/censtarr.php .

4. The Rockefeller University continues to experiment with the essence of what it means to be human as well. www.linkage.rockefeller.edu/ .


Rockefeller money allegedly funded the nazi doctors and scientists that committed the horrors in the death camps and in Southern Africa decades BEFORE the rise of Adolf Hitler. Said money
paid for the doctors that taught "medicine" to the infamous Dr. Mengele.

"Adolf Hitler was Dr. Fischer's pet and creation....Rockefeller Foundation was funding Dr. Fischer" The man that said blacks were animals and applauded the creation of the first concentration camps, not in the 1940s in Germany housing jews but in the 1900s in Namibia
housing Herero tribesmen fighting German colonial invaders .
www.bigeye.com/sexeducation/nazivirusprojects.html .

See also: "Rockefeller and Mass Murder" ...they created the field of "Psychiatric genetics" among other things and are the powers-that-be behind the so-called Human Genome Project.
www.chemtrailcentral.com/ubb/forum1/HTML/001187.html .

There is also an alleged illuminati/Templar connection with the Rockefeller money and the
www.tetrahedron.org/articles/apocalypse/red_double_cross.html &

For general reference on the issue- www.freedomdomain.com/freemason.html .

THE FUTURE (and what is all of this about?):

It's all in the blood...Heinrich Himmler

The answer is easy...what were the Nazis really about? The creation of an Aryan Superman.
This future Dr. Frankenstein movie scenario is being played out in real life or what passes for it
as you read this:
www.davidicke.net/mindcontrol/experiences/e102799g.html .

www.perspectives.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=55650&forum_id=86&jump_to=1073070 .

Conclusion: The motto for Rockefeller U is "Science for the Betterment of Humankind"...
Do they mean the betterment of humanity or the creation of - in their view - a better superhumanity modeled after the Aryan superman of Hitler , Himmler and Mengele's dreams?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge company Savi Technology in
Deal with Korean Firm linked to Oil-For-Food & 'Koreagate' for "Port Security"
-RFID "Mark of the beast" components to be made in Red China-

Previous information and articles from various sources have indicated that the nation's

first Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Thomas Ridge went to work on the Board

of Directors for Savi Technology upon leaving his DHS position. Savi is an RFID related firm that

is owned by a company called Infolinks. Nothing much is known about Infolinks since all of this is

Private equity and subject to minimal SEC and Governmental scrutiny than a publicly traded

firm. There is reason to be concerned...very concerned... about a person such as Ridge going to

work for a company that has extensive ties to Chinese linked interests.

In fact, Savi and or Infolinks received 52 million dollars from such interests within a 29 day

period just when Mr. Ridge was coming on board. This is ON TOP OF the current matters

regarding the present article which involves Korean conglomerate LG Group.


1. (previously noted on "US Government officials further 'Mark of the Beast' Agenda"
www.red-ice.net/specialreports/2005/09sep/RFIDmarkbeast.html ).
Tom Ridge join Savi - Savi gets $50 M from china-linked Hutchinson Port Holdings despite
security concerns & Savi or its parent Infolink Systems gets an additional $2 M from GlobalSecNine, a firm associated with retired General Brent Scowcroft, #1 China lobbyist in the
USA if not the World.

2. Savi and new friend LG Group:
RFID beastchip "solutions" for Korea and Asia. LG CNS is a subsidiary of LG Group and is the
largest IT service provider in Korea and has worldwide operations.

3. LG Group implicated and under investigation in UN's Oil-For-Food scandal along with a
number of Korean firms.
"Local Firms named in Iraq report" (two subsidiaries of LG Group) www.joongangdaily.joins.com/200510/28/200510282152100209900090409041.html .

4. LG group and China ( a nation periodically threatening nuclear annhiliation of the USA)
"Korea's China Play" www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/04_13/b3876012.htm .
There is even a LG Road named in honor of the korean company by happy chinese officials.

5. LG Group and China Lobbyist Brent Scowcroft-
"The Lobbyists" www.the-catbird-seat.net/Lobbyists.htm CSIS and its scion Pacific Forum.
Board includes LG Group member and Brent Scowcroft.

6. The joongang daily article mentions indicted Korean national Tongsun Park. Mr. Park is an
associate of Canadian United Nations icon Maurice Strong. Chairman Mo... as his friends and
others call him also has a connection to LG Group.
www.wbcsd.org The World Business Council For Sustainable Development has one Korean member, it is LG Group. It was founded or given impetus by Maurice Strong, Secretary
General of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

7. Maurice Strong and Tongsun Park / Oil for Food millions-
www.acepilots.com/unscam/archives/001978.html , Strong believed North Korea needed
nuclear weapons due to the "threat" from the USA as UN representative appointed by Kofi Annan for the Korean peninsula.

8. LG Group and KoreaGate - largest and most widespread bribery scandal to hit US Congress.
Cha-Kuek Koo President of LG Group was convicted in 2000 of paying bribes and is linked to a
David Chang who is Chinese and suspected of ties to Red China Intelligence agencies.
www.americanmafia.com/Feature_Articles_177.html . AND "Where in the World is Sun Myung Moon"? Tongsun Park was an associate of Reverend Moon in the congressional scandal
www.iapprovethismessiah.com/2005/04/1-man-in-koreagate-scandal-indicted-in.html .

9. Korea has the dubious distinction of being associated with Three individuals mentioned as
possible Antichrists:
a) Maurice Strong www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/antichrist_among_us.htm .

b) Sun Myung Moon "Tear Down The Cross" www.gadflyer.com/articles/?ArticleID=258

c) Kim Jong Il , leader of North Korea www.mabus.biz/who/jong/ .

Conclusion: The article on John Ashcroft that follows this matter & LG- Tom Ridge may give the
The worship of money seems to be far too prevalent, but the ultimate conclusion is as always up to the esteemed reader.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project...
SENATOR JOHN ASHCROFT- What's he been up to lately?

John Ashcroft was the ultra-conservative Senator from Missouri that lost his last election to

the US Senate to a dead man that died in yet ANOTHER of those mysterious plane crashes

that befall SO MANY USA LEADERS. He was very tough on crime and terrrorism and such

while Attorney General, loved the patriot act , detention of enemy combatants without trial,

coercive interrogations and so forth... SO WHAT IS HE UP TO NOW ?

He is the proud leader of THE ASHCROFT GROUP. This article will provide information

that may lead the reader to conclude that the Department of Justice , which Ashcroft recently

led , might do well investigating their former boss.


1. "Ashcroft's lobbying firm makes for a first among former AGs" (all in the nation's history
have returned to practicing law - not K Street influence peddling)
www.law.com/jsp/article.jsp?id=1115975116668 .

2. For a former Government leader and a current administration and political culture that
secrecy...they call it 'confidentiality'. In fact, the public does not know who almost any of the
associations, groups, individuals and YES, GOVERNMENTS, this outfit shills for.

3. The article mentions that his right-hand woman is Juleanna Glover-Weiss, formerly of the
lobbying outfit Clark & Weinstein. Clark & Weinstein's chief partner is Vin Weber, the super-
lobbyist of D.C. recently retained by BNP-Paribas, Saddam's handpicked ATM in the Oil for
Fraud program. ...but??...wasn't the Justice Department investigating that Bank while he was
AG? How much would Saddam's ATM pay to find out what the prosecutors had on them?
www.publicintegrity.org/lobby/profile.aspx?act=clients&year=2003&d=L000788 .

4. When one is talking of secret clients...who could be on board? Mexican & Russian mob?
Chinese intel? UN oily hucksters? How about Big 4 (once big 5 - now missing Arthur Andersen)
Accounting firms that literally function as continuing criminal enterprises in cooking companies
books? That Client group is the only one known to be on board publicly. "The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants" www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Ashcroft_Group .

5. It is the lobbying wing of the Book-Cookers mob that allows all of these odd things on Wall
Street and elsewhere to occur. Example 1- www.the-catbird-seat.net/PriceWaterhouse.htm &
Example 2 - NASA cannot account for its Fund$...yet Arthur Andersen gave the
Space Agency a clean bill of health for FIVE YEARS. www.the-catbird-seat.net/Accountants.htm & ...


Tracking Terrorists money - Too hot for US to Handle? www.alternet.org/story/11650/

Clearstream International - "the black box" of illicit offshore financial transactions AUDITED
by KPMG - www.forum.stirpes.net/showthread.php?t=3605 .

7. Former KPMG head of Corporate Intelligence, Reid Morden (former head of Canadian Spy
agency CSIS as well) is the Executive (day to day) Director of the investigation into the Oil for
Food program run by Paul Volker, the Volcker Whitewash Committee that is DESIGNED TO LEAVE KOFI ANNAN LOOKING MILKY WHITE LIKE POP STAR MICHAEL JACKSON.
www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=18155430 Remember Juleanna and Clark & Weinstock? See how it all comes together so nicely?

Yes, but oddly enough the hint of who it might be is to be found only on a French Intelligence
related website....why is that? and remember BNP-Paribas is a french bank and CLearSTream
is based in nearby french-speaking Luxembourg.
www.intelligenceonline.com/p_default_list_art.asp?rub=chan_rub_ioa_amn 10-28-2005.

Inquiring minds are asking is Johnny now an escargot eater? Should he be preparing for
a jailhouse diet? But don't bet on that. The prisons his Justice Department sends people to are
not built to accomodate "Players" like him. They are better suited for the poor black people that
surround the Capital of Greed in D.C. ...not the proud leader of THE ASHCROFT GROUP.

9. John has brought in some fresh fighters for the eternal lobby wars, one of them is Lori Day
Sharp, former Vice President of the Air Transport Association...you know the organization that
lobbied (successfully - unfortunately) for the elimination of security provision for airlines that
might have prevented the 9-11 attacks because the Powers-That-Be behind the group, the
Airline companies, found the changes or reforms "too costly" ( see link on #2 supra and
www.motherjones.com/news/feature/2002/01/airlines.html ).

Conclusion- As always the reader must decide. However, it appears that business as usual
in the bordello known as the nation's capital is work for America for 6 figures a year, then go and
work for America's enemies for 7 figures a year - the real job. The rest has just been Rolodex
building and resume fattening. How long can a nation survive with this type of activity being
perfectly Legal and apparently ACCEPTABLE?

PH Craftlove, Director , Craftlove NWO Education Project

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Jack Kemp Lobbies for "African-Nazi Regime" with Rape-White-Women Policy
Connection to Recent arson & riots in France?

Jack Kemp , like so many others in Washington D.C. nowadays is a lobbyist. Recent information

indicates that his firm has been hired by the Government of the Ivory Coast, which a year ago

was in armed combat with France. At that time , there was widespread looting and attacks on

white residents, with French citizens specifically targeted. There appeared to be organized rape

of white females by young supporters of the regime.

The Evidence:

1. Government of Ivory Coast hires Kemp lobby group. "Abidjan's New Mouthpiece"
www.africaintelligence.com/aem/channels/defaultchannels.asp?channel=CONSULTANTS&type=headings .

(cites Ivory Coast "jeunes patriotes" literally hunting down to rape white french women and others unlucky enough to be there SPECIFICALLY TO RAPE THEM)


Also, Ivory Coast has a history of eugenics like black racism from which sprang the rape
campaign. www.amren.com/972issue/972.html . (scroll to near bottom of link)

"Dozens of Women Raped in Revenge Campaign" by 'Young Patriot' Government Supporters.
www.int.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=68&art_id=vn20041114095745711C434669 .

3. President Gbagbo is a believer in Pure Ivorianism and is supported by Pat Robertson and a

mysterious group based in Florida called the New Tribes Mission .
www.geocities.com/projectloron/president.htm?200516 .

See also www.ntm.org .

4. The current leader of Venezuela has expelled the New Tribes Mission from that country
because he says they work for the CIA. www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2005/141/53.0.html
and www.family.org/cforum/fnif/news/a0038267.cfm . The NTM denies any link to the CIA.

5. Pro USA protests in Ivory Coast - www.news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2703433.stm .

6. See also the nazi and proto-nazi roots of all of this- www.waynemadsenreport.com/scoops/christian_mafia.htm .

7. By Pat Robertson' Christian Broadcast Network "French Action threatens Ivory Coast's
Christian President" www.cbn.com/CBNNews/CWN/111204IvoryCoast.asp .

8. Pat Robertson called for the death of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
www.mediamatters.org/items/200508220006 .

9. Israel hand in Ivory Coast attack - www.wpherald.com/Africa/storyview.php?StoryID=20041117-021251-9832r .

10. CIA-Mossad foment Riots in France - www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=94&contentid=2962 .

11. CIA and canine rapists in Chile ( the french women were fortunate if one can use that word, it was done by humans -
sarcastically speaking...) www.spectacle.org/0303/dictator.html "Dictator Removal Service"
and www.thirdworldtraveler.com/CIA%20Hits/Chile_CIAHits.html .

12. Rape is being used in Iraq as you read this including child rapes on video in front of parents.

13. Both Pat Robertson and Jack Kemp have gotten huge sums of money from Sun myung moon, the leader of the so-called 'moonies'. Jack Kemp - www.watchman.org/cults/moonie2.htm / Pat Robertson -"Moon Shadow" Americans United
for Separation of Church and State www.au.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=5684&abbr=cs_ , by Rob Boston.

14. Moon is a convicted felon in the USA and allegedly a convicted sex offender in his native Korea. www.consortiumnews.com/archive.com/archive/moon.html .

15. Moon is allegedly associated with the Bolivian Cocaine coup of the 1970s that involved Klaus
Barbie , the butcher of Lyons, a drinking buddy of then CIA agent , now Lt. Governor of Texas.
Bush 41 was head of the CIA in the mid-1970s.
www.illuminati-news.com/first-black-woman.htm . The current Governor of Texas, Bush 43's
right hand man just executed the first black woman since a slave named Lucy in 1857.
She was the 13th execution in Texas and was killed professing her innocence.

Conclusion - The writer in no way favors the French Government. Chirac is as evil and
corrupt a man as one could imagine. The French tried to help Saddam get a nuclear weapon
capable program up and running for profit and seemed to not have much interest in the suicide
bombings of schoolbuses in Israel paid for by Saddam to the tune of 35 million dollars through
the corrupt UN's oil for fraud program. But the actions carried out here possibly by our own
government of this nature, when combined with The Patriot Act, bogus Bird Flu nonsense and
other such acts and programs are a threat to all of us ...if not now...soon.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


NOTE* - This is Part Two. For Prequel information, please scroll down to first part immediately following this article.


1. Another interesting tenant of the Sears Tower is CapGemini Ernst & Young. This company

is heavily involved in outsourcing , accounting and yes...mark of the beast / RFID spychips. The

company , like so many others is a proud partner of the USA Deptartment of Defense WHILE

ALSO a proud partner of the people's Republic of China. The

largest shareholder is Serge Kampf, a jewish billionaire and one of the richest men in France.

2. CapGemini Ernst & Young is a partner with Sun Microsystems in the mark of the beast

chipping movement which Sun...admits is "a disruptive technology...the internet of things...".

3. CapGemini E &Y is also involved in Deals with China that are extensive. 'Google' the name

of any company noted in this article and some connection to China occurs. Cap Gemini E & Y

also still manages to have extensive ties to US Government security agencies.

4. CapGemini Ernst & Young and Computer Sciences Corporation both have business ties with

a British company named Autonomy.

5. Richard Perle sits on the Board of Autonomy. The chief of Autonomy is a british scientist

that is a member of the Carlyle Group. Autonomy is connected to an Artificial Intelligence

company started by the same scientist and has apparently heavy connections to British Intel.


a) CapGemini Ernst & Young in Sears Tower- www.chicagobusiness.com/cgi-bin/article.pl?feature_id=7&page_id=1453&format=list .

b)CapGemini Ernst & Young RFID/Spychips - www.us.capgemini.com/news/current_news.asp?ID=326&PRyear=2003 Global Consultancy
teams with leading technology companies to deliver the benefits of RFID.

c) For the pharmaceutical industry RFID - www.us.capgemini.com/news/current_news.asp?ID=357&PRyear=2003

d) CapGemini and Sun Microsystems/ RFID - www.us.capgemini.com/news/current_news.asp?ID=387 .

e) RFID 'Disruptive technology' - "Sun sees RFID as a disruptive technology that will be one of the key enablers of "the internet of things" (emphasis is in the original by Sun -not writer as are quotes within quotes) www.sun.com/software/solutions/rfid/index.xml .

Sun has an RFID test center in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Texas is near the Masonic 33rd parallel. It
is where JFK was killed outside of Dealey Plaza , the home of the Mother Lodge of Texas and
the freemasons are Solar/Sun worshippers .

f) This may be part of the NWO depopulation strategy since one of the founders of Sun Micro-
Systems believes that the "world will come to an end" in the 2020s or 30s due to technology...
the very technologies he has gotten very wealthy creating!
www.religioustolerance.org/end_wrl18.htm .

g) Knowledgeable sources believe that the illuminati/NWO are using SPECIFICALLY - Google,
Sun Microsystems and Microsoft to gain control of the world with technology controlled by them. The previously mentioned NSA or National Security Agency is specifically spoken of.
www.rense.com/general67/goog.htm "Emergency Warning Regarding Google-Sun Alliance".

h) CapGemini Ernst & Young partner with Richard Perle's Autonomy PLC
(just look at the sheer number of client companies whose mail Richard might get access to, it is
mindboggling) - www.autonomy.com/content/Press/Archives/2001/0830.html
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young markets Autonomy...partnership...

i) Richard Perle and Autonomy PLC - www.srcf.ucam.org/camsaw/pressreleases/2003-04-08-autonomy.html and www.autonomy.com/content/Autonomy/Management.html

j) The leader of Autonomy , Michael Lynch Ph.d is also on the Carlyle Group and is the founder
of an AI - Artificial Intelligence related company called Neurodynamics. see above link.
See also - www.global-elite.org/elitewiki/index.php/Main_Page and www.global-elite.org/elitewiki/index.php/Carlyle_Group .

k) Cap Gemini Ernst & Young / Department of Defense- www.capgemini.com/news/current_news.asp?ID=385

l) Serge Kampf / CG E & Y Chairman of the Board - www.jobcircle.com/career/profiles/766.html .

m) Among the companies already selling or implementing Autonomy's technology...CG E & Y and Computer Sciences Corporation... www.autonomy.com/content/Press/Archives/1999/1220.html

n) "Company seeks to Reassure NSA on Groundbreaker" (referring to Computer Sciences
Corporation) www.washingtontechnology.com/news/16_10/business/17000-1.html .
NSA ..."allready skittish"...

o) For a detailed analysis of the Neocon power grab at NSA that has turned into a security fiasco due to Outsourcing mania see - www.cryptome.org/nsa-stifle.htm .

p) Richard Perle and China - "Richard Perle , Enterprising Hawk" www.makethemaccountable.com/leopold/030328_RichardPerleEnterprisingHawk.htm .
Global Crossing sale


q) Richard Perle advises Loral (company that gave China missile tech to better nuke the USA)
www.mindfully.org/Reform/2003/Perle-Aided-Loral29mar03.htm .

r) For a divergent view of the battle between two NWO factions to give a general viewpoint on
this matter see: www.venusproject.com/ecs/nuclear_false_flag.html

Conclusion - Sears Tower > Deutsche Boerse Systems = Rothschilds / Trizec Properties = Munk
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young = Serge Kampf... with Richard Perle in the mix... is this a citadel of
the NWO or a Catastrophe-in-waiting? Three billionaires associated with the NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER ONE ROOF...coincidence at zip code 60606???

PH Craftlove , Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project

...oh yes! and Bank of America sponsors Races up the Empire State Building in NYC...

"The plane that crashed into the Empire State Building" www.history1900s.about.com/library/misc/blempirecrash.htm

That 1940s crash went directly into the offices of a Catholic Charity on the 79th floor. The same Catholic Charity that was responsible for the Vatican assisted rat-lines for the nazis to flee Europe after WWII. ...and according to info on Skolnick Reports, the Popes are the real owners
of Bank of America...lots of coincidence here folks...

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Bank of America Curse- Every Building in US hit by a plane has a B of A Branch in it-
Implications for Sears Tower on 6-6-06 Zip Code 60606 ?

Previous articles by the Craftlove NWO Education Project and many others have provided

information or evidence that much of the background of the terror attacks of great significance

appear to have some numerology or occultic timing , connection, or even 'reasoning'.

It is the purpose of this article to respectfully provide the reader with odd -yet again -

coincidences that may provide a logical basis to conclude that there 1) is a connection of some

kind in having a Bank of America office or branch in a tall, landmark structure and its being

struck by a plane and 2) That there are ominous signals or connections which point in the

direction of the Sears Tower, located in Chicago and in postal zip code 60606.

The conclusion as always will be left to the reader...however two diametrically opposite

possible outcomes may exist: a) The telltale signs point in the direction of a terrorist , NWO,

false-flag call-it-whatever 'event' directed at the Sear's (Seer's?) Tower or b) evil forces lurk

within the Tower itself and it is the safest possible place from Terror attacks because "the

devil knows his own".


Bank of America-

1. WTC - Bank of America was located in WTC 1 - www.tenantwise.com/wtc_relocate.asp .

2. B of A occupied floors 9 through 11 and 81 (which in numerology = 8 + 1 = 9 and if one

adds floors 9 and 1+1 it = 11 which = 2 which when added to floor 81s '9' it comes back to 9-11...
a coincidence of course...).

3. TAMPA FLORIDA - www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Death/Bishop.html Kid flying plane
commits suicide by flying small plane into Bank of America building.

4. Pentagon - those working inside the Pentagon have two banking choices one is the local
credit union, the other of course is Bank of America. www.dcmilitary.com/baseguides/airforce/bolling/w_pentagon.html .

*(the future) SEARS TOWER, CHICAGO "Bank of America Renews long-term lease"
www.highbeam.com/library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:111295276&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf .
& www.switchboard.com Bank of America address is in zip code 60606-6306...this adds up to
"33" , the freemason number of power and the biblical reference to the three sixes is obvious.


1. Trizec Properties:

This company is the property manager and former owner. The CEO is Peter Munk, also the
CEO of Barrick Gold, now the largest gold mining outfit in the world with very interesting
directors including George H. W. Bush. (former Enron properties and now leases to Kellogg,
Brown and Root in Houston) www.recenter.tamu.edu/news/recon0328.html and it is part of
the "coalition to insure against terrorism" that want the US taxpayer to foot the bill for terror
attacks - www.insureagainsterrorism.org and is worried that legislation that does just that will
expire on December 31, 2005 and wants it the timeframe for this law extended.

"The biggest gold heist since the days of Butch Cassidy" www.gregpalast.com/detail.cfm?artid=207&row=4 "Poppy strikes Gold".

Peter Munk and 'scandal' www.businessweek.com/1997/20/b352798.htm "All that glitters is
not BRE-X"

More Scandal - "made his name in Canada in a 1960s infamous insider trade scandal" www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=420

Peter Munk is a Hungarian jew with ties apparently that go back to the "motherland" and
just happen to include The british branch of the illuminati bloodline Rothschilds in the deal.

http://www.portfolio.hu/en/cikkek.tdp?cCheck=1&k=4&i=5420 OTP chief buys 25% stake in
TriGranit with Nathaniel Rotschild. This deal includes Munk/Trizec.

Another tenant in the Seer's Tower is Deutsche Boerse Systems, The Frankfurt Germany based
stock exchange that is currently :

1. Riddled in scandal "Germany shuts high tech Neuer Markt" www.webprowire.com/summaries/253042.html and "Bourse Regulatory head sees no reason
to break up Deutsche Bourse" www.forbes.com/home.feeds/afx/2005/05/11/afx2016871.html

2. Deutsche Bourse owns ClearStream International based in Luxembourg. Clear Stream is in the middle of an ongoing scandal over a book written by an 'insider' that exposed connections
to Saudi terror funding, Bush 41 payoffs to the Iranian mullahs to hold the US embassy hostages
longer to prevent Jimmy Carter from becoming re-elected as President and all sorts of greasy,

Commentary : Europe needs an Independent Settlements System

and for extensive coverage of WHY the media CANNOT cover the story in detail and the fact
that the Vatican Bank is involved in the Clear Stream affair among other issues of note see:

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clearstream .

This is of some importance since the Vatican is the owner in fact of Bank of America as well as
several other allegedly "american" banks. www.skolnicksreport.com/popes1.html .

Said link provides information on the collaboration between the Vatican and the Rothschild
financial empire which is important since Nathaniel Rothschild is the power behind the throne of
Deutsche Bourse which is the controlling interest in Clear Stream and it does the laundry for
so-called "Saudi Terrorism"... www.thirdworldtraveller.com/Banks/Explosive_Revelations.html

AND www.spitfirelist.com/f387.html * very very interesting things on this Clear Stream matter.

Nathaniel Rothschild - Deutsche Bourse> "Suitors joust for hand of London Stock Exchange"

and www.modernhistoryproject.org/mhp/EntityDisplay.php?Entity=AtticusCapital&Start=1995 Atticus is the second largest shareholder in Deutsche Bourse and founded by N. Rothschild.

Jacob Rothschild(father of Nathaniel) asked to run Deutsch Bourse by rebel shareholders after German managers tossed out for daring to try takeover of London Stock Exchange.
google - deutsche bourse rothschild atticus- and link to article "JP Morgan Chase story 971065".

2. Hungarian Fascist connections to Bush Family/ Richard M. Nixon

Gold Fillings, Auschwitz and George Bush - Arrow Cross (Hungarian nazi government minister
served on Bush' staff). www.spiritone.com/~gdy52150/bushies.htm .

The same fascist in the previous link had served Richard Nixon in forming nazi controlled
"Heritage Groups" Laszlo Pasztor, headed these councils. He allegedly was the link with Berlin
in the Arrow Cross Government responsible for exterminating Jews in Hungary.
The Elkhorn Manifesto Part V www.wealth4freedom.com/Elkhorn5.html .

3. The Hungarian Fascists divulged to the SS the existence of the sending of
evidence to the Allies of Nazi extermination of Jews by Admiral Canaris - A
Knight Templar Descendant and leader of so-called 'Faction Two' of the NWO
that seeks to halt the One-World Government anti-christ sytem of 'Faction One'

Canaris , several Hungarians and others were executed in Sachsenhausen death camp due to
this - Bush family is clearly part of 'Faction One".
NOBLE PRIZE WINNERS AND FAMOUS HUNGARIANS www.webnetics.com/hungary/military.htm and FACTION TWO - The Abwehr - Knight Templars www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=4286

4. Another Tenant of the Seer's Tower is the Law Firm of Latham & Watkins from
which comes Michael 'clueless in New Orleans' Chertoff, Secretary of the Dept. of
Homeland Security...

a) A previous article notes the many very disturbing connections regarding his firm and the
fact that his name in russian "Chertoff" means 'of the devil' in russian.
"Unholy trinity of Devil's Advocate legal firms practices 'lawfare' for New World Order domination" www.red-ice.net/news/2005/10oct/lawfare.html

b) Chertoff as a prosecutor allegedly also prevented the investigation into PTECH to proceed
appropriately. PTECH was a contractor for many sensitive government agencies AND an
alleged "bagman" for AL QAEDA. www.rigourousinstitution.blogspot.com/2005/01/michael-chertoff-and-sabotage-0f-ptech.html .

c) Additional info on the numerological background to the Sears Tower and next Summer interface can be found on www.meta-religion.com/Esoterism/Numreology/terror_attack.htm "Terror attack Numerology"...and oh yes!...the owner of the Twin Towers just prior to the false
flag attacks is also NOW the owner of the Seer's Tower.

d) "Metlife sells Sears Tower" www.urbanplanet.org/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t2995.html
"all are prominent but SECRETIVE Manhattan LANDLORDS" (emphasis added) Chicago Sun-Times , March 12, 2004

This Article is Part One...Part Two of Two to follow shortly...

CONCLUSION: ... As always the readers must make up their own mind based on rational and
logical analysis of FACTS, but the question remains, is the Seer's Tower on the NWO hit list or is
it one of their headquarters? Possibly....on 06-06-06 the reader shall see.

PH Craftlove, Craftlove NWO Education Project