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The Bank of America Curse- Every Building in US hit by a plane has a B of A Branch in it-
Implications for Sears Tower on 6-6-06 Zip Code 60606 ?

Previous articles by the Craftlove NWO Education Project and many others have provided

information or evidence that much of the background of the terror attacks of great significance

appear to have some numerology or occultic timing , connection, or even 'reasoning'.

It is the purpose of this article to respectfully provide the reader with odd -yet again -

coincidences that may provide a logical basis to conclude that there 1) is a connection of some

kind in having a Bank of America office or branch in a tall, landmark structure and its being

struck by a plane and 2) That there are ominous signals or connections which point in the

direction of the Sears Tower, located in Chicago and in postal zip code 60606.

The conclusion as always will be left to the reader...however two diametrically opposite

possible outcomes may exist: a) The telltale signs point in the direction of a terrorist , NWO,

false-flag call-it-whatever 'event' directed at the Sear's (Seer's?) Tower or b) evil forces lurk

within the Tower itself and it is the safest possible place from Terror attacks because "the

devil knows his own".


Bank of America-

1. WTC - Bank of America was located in WTC 1 - .

2. B of A occupied floors 9 through 11 and 81 (which in numerology = 8 + 1 = 9 and if one

adds floors 9 and 1+1 it = 11 which = 2 which when added to floor 81s '9' it comes back to 9-11...
a coincidence of course...).

3. TAMPA FLORIDA - Kid flying plane
commits suicide by flying small plane into Bank of America building.

4. Pentagon - those working inside the Pentagon have two banking choices one is the local
credit union, the other of course is Bank of America. .

*(the future) SEARS TOWER, CHICAGO "Bank of America Renews long-term lease" .
& Bank of America address is in zip code 60606-6306...this adds up to
"33" , the freemason number of power and the biblical reference to the three sixes is obvious.


1. Trizec Properties:

This company is the property manager and former owner. The CEO is Peter Munk, also the
CEO of Barrick Gold, now the largest gold mining outfit in the world with very interesting
directors including George H. W. Bush. (former Enron properties and now leases to Kellogg,
Brown and Root in Houston) and it is part of
the "coalition to insure against terrorism" that want the US taxpayer to foot the bill for terror
attacks - and is worried that legislation that does just that will
expire on December 31, 2005 and wants it the timeframe for this law extended.

"The biggest gold heist since the days of Butch Cassidy" "Poppy strikes Gold".

Peter Munk and 'scandal' "All that glitters is
not BRE-X"

More Scandal - "made his name in Canada in a 1960s infamous insider trade scandal"

Peter Munk is a Hungarian jew with ties apparently that go back to the "motherland" and
just happen to include The british branch of the illuminati bloodline Rothschilds in the deal. OTP chief buys 25% stake in
TriGranit with Nathaniel Rotschild. This deal includes Munk/Trizec.

Another tenant in the Seer's Tower is Deutsche Boerse Systems, The Frankfurt Germany based
stock exchange that is currently :

1. Riddled in scandal "Germany shuts high tech Neuer Markt" and "Bourse Regulatory head sees no reason
to break up Deutsche Bourse"

2. Deutsche Bourse owns ClearStream International based in Luxembourg. Clear Stream is in the middle of an ongoing scandal over a book written by an 'insider' that exposed connections
to Saudi terror funding, Bush 41 payoffs to the Iranian mullahs to hold the US embassy hostages
longer to prevent Jimmy Carter from becoming re-elected as President and all sorts of greasy,

Commentary : Europe needs an Independent Settlements System

and for extensive coverage of WHY the media CANNOT cover the story in detail and the fact
that the Vatican Bank is involved in the Clear Stream affair among other issues of note see: .

This is of some importance since the Vatican is the owner in fact of Bank of America as well as
several other allegedly "american" banks. .

Said link provides information on the collaboration between the Vatican and the Rothschild
financial empire which is important since Nathaniel Rothschild is the power behind the throne of
Deutsche Bourse which is the controlling interest in Clear Stream and it does the laundry for
so-called "Saudi Terrorism"...

AND * very very interesting things on this Clear Stream matter.

Nathaniel Rothschild - Deutsche Bourse> "Suitors joust for hand of London Stock Exchange"

and Atticus is the second largest shareholder in Deutsche Bourse and founded by N. Rothschild.

Jacob Rothschild(father of Nathaniel) asked to run Deutsch Bourse by rebel shareholders after German managers tossed out for daring to try takeover of London Stock Exchange.
google - deutsche bourse rothschild atticus- and link to article "JP Morgan Chase story 971065".

2. Hungarian Fascist connections to Bush Family/ Richard M. Nixon

Gold Fillings, Auschwitz and George Bush - Arrow Cross (Hungarian nazi government minister
served on Bush' staff). .

The same fascist in the previous link had served Richard Nixon in forming nazi controlled
"Heritage Groups" Laszlo Pasztor, headed these councils. He allegedly was the link with Berlin
in the Arrow Cross Government responsible for exterminating Jews in Hungary.
The Elkhorn Manifesto Part V .

3. The Hungarian Fascists divulged to the SS the existence of the sending of
evidence to the Allies of Nazi extermination of Jews by Admiral Canaris - A
Knight Templar Descendant and leader of so-called 'Faction Two' of the NWO
that seeks to halt the One-World Government anti-christ sytem of 'Faction One'

Canaris , several Hungarians and others were executed in Sachsenhausen death camp due to
this - Bush family is clearly part of 'Faction One".

4. Another Tenant of the Seer's Tower is the Law Firm of Latham & Watkins from
which comes Michael 'clueless in New Orleans' Chertoff, Secretary of the Dept. of
Homeland Security...

a) A previous article notes the many very disturbing connections regarding his firm and the
fact that his name in russian "Chertoff" means 'of the devil' in russian.
"Unholy trinity of Devil's Advocate legal firms practices 'lawfare' for New World Order domination"

b) Chertoff as a prosecutor allegedly also prevented the investigation into PTECH to proceed
appropriately. PTECH was a contractor for many sensitive government agencies AND an
alleged "bagman" for AL QAEDA. .

c) Additional info on the numerological background to the Sears Tower and next Summer interface can be found on "Terror attack Numerology"...and oh yes!...the owner of the Twin Towers just prior to the false
flag attacks is also NOW the owner of the Seer's Tower.

d) "Metlife sells Sears Tower"
"all are prominent but SECRETIVE Manhattan LANDLORDS" (emphasis added) Chicago Sun-Times , March 12, 2004

This Article is Part One...Part Two of Two to follow shortly...

CONCLUSION: ... As always the readers must make up their own mind based on rational and
logical analysis of FACTS, but the question remains, is the Seer's Tower on the NWO hit list or is
it one of their headquarters? Possibly....on 06-06-06 the reader shall see.

PH Craftlove, Craftlove NWO Education Project


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