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Black "Benedict Arnolds" Serve The New World Order For Profit & Power
The Judas List - 1. Jesse Jackson 2. NAACP 3. Thurgood Marshall 4. Condoleeza Rice.

(In Memoriam to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and with all due respect to Louis Farrakhan for being only black leader to publicly stand up and discuss the truth about the recent genocide in New Orleans - Yes , the levees were blown and this article will provide one of the reasons WHY...) Did you really believe The Order that runs this country would allow a black leader that could threaten it to really emerge?? If you do, The Order now has much more swampland now in Louisiana to sell you.......

1. MLK died in the hands of a freemason that became the "leader" of the Civil Rights movement and a millionaire because of his death , like the romans used to say Cui Bono? Who Benefits? ... well Jesse sure did.

Jesse Jackson is a freemason: www.geocities.com/endtimedeception/famous.htm .

Martin Luther King died in his arms (according to Jesse , other refute this)

Some ultrasuspicious conspiracy theorists note Jesse Jackson's appearance shortly after the death covered with blood even though the first person to reach him according to this website was a black informant working for the memphis police and later the CIA.

The assassination of both Lincoln and Kennedy led to replacement Freemason Presidents and the assassination of MLK led to a replacement civil rights "leader" that GOSH! also happened to be a freemason. Had squeaky Fromme kill Ford - Nelson Rockefeller supremo of the NWO would have been our President and likewise if Reagan had died GHWB '41 would have been President - he gave his speech on the need for a "New World Order" on 9-11-1990.

- of course all of that is coincidence... we don't live in some two-party system version of Murder,Inc. do we?

The illustrious NAACP - permeated with FBI informants AND foreign Communist controlled stooges.

The NAACP is on a KGB prepared list of entities penetrated, directed, reporting to or controlled by the CIA. www.totse.com/en/politics/central_intelligence_agency/cia500.html .

Likewise, The CIA had reason to believe the NAACP was a Soviet KGB outfit- were both correct and if so, who was minding the store, so to speak for the average african-american?
www.modernhistoryproject.org/mhp/ArticleDisplay.php?Article=FinalWarn04 Either way the organization is a sell-out...

US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall:

"If it's a dope case...I won't even read the petition. I ai'nt giving no break to a drug dealer"
said to Life Magazine in 1987..."However, we have since learned that Justice Marshall was an informant for the FBI..." www.november.org/razorwire/rzold/01/essay1.html

Thurgood Marshall had secret contact with the FBI

J.Edgar Hoover the notorious head of "the bureau" besides being a cross-dressing gay in private while hating and bashing gays in public was a freemason.
No theory - plain fact: www.srjarchives.tripod.com/1997-05/deloach.htm

Thurgood was a freemason too - another coincidence too?
www.bessel.org/sctfmy.htm .

The FBI was founded by a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte's brother:

Napoleon Bonaparte was allegedly a descendant or believed he was of the Merovingian bloodline noted in the Da Vinci Code and his goal was control of the Spear of Destiny that pierced the side of Christ to rule the World - www.cephasministry.com/napoleons_connection_to_the_holy_roman_empire.html

Napoleon was also a freemason - He appointed his brothers to Masonic posts including the lineal ancestor of the founder of the FBI. www.freemasonry.bcy.ca/biography/bonaparte_n/bonaparte_n.html .

The FBI has taken over the DEA a few years ago and now has offices literally everywhere in the globe - Over 100 worldwide - www.techupdate.zdnet.com/techupdate/stories/main/0,14179,2869002,00.html .

CONDOLEEZA RICE, Ph.d - Secretary of State, third in line of succession to the Presidency:

At a minimum...she is a red chinese espionage agent, the highest ranking one they have since Clinton left the White House.

1. Her name came up repeatedly in an investigation into a red china spy ring in Stanford University of which she served as a Provost until coming into the Bush 43 White House as National Security Advisor.
"The chinese army spy and Condoleeza Rice" by Charles Smith, Jan. 24, 2001

2. Operation Able Danger - which discovered the "brooklyn cell" to which Mohammed Atta belonged to A YEAR BEFORE THE 9-11-01 attacks was shut down...not because of that but because it happened to be getting too much information on links between too many very high ranking American leaders and Communist China. The Program developed a "CHINA CHART".
Who was at the top of the list? Our next President in 2008 - Dr. Condoleeza Rice.
www.dark-wraith.com/2005/08/special-analysis-report-able-danger.html .
Also mentioned in the article is Phillip Zelikow, the chief counsel to the 9-11 Commission that
somehow just did not get to see or place much importance on this critical information on ATTA THAT COULD AND SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THE ATTACKS.

Mr. Zelikow is now the #2 at the State Department serving Dr. Rice, our illustrious Secretary of State, potential President and third in the line of succession should something happen to the current President or Vice-President.

What have Dr. Rice and Mr. Zelikow been doing at the State Department ...lately?

Coddling the Sudan fundamentalist muslim regime that is murdering blacks in Darfur by the thousands like it committed genocide against black africans in the southern regions of the country until recently - to the tune of 2.5 million dead. Black slavery en masse, rape on wide scale of men, women and children , mutilations and crucifixions of children. This regime is protected by Condi...
But then Dr. Rice's State Department in violation of the US constitutions Establishment Clause is fostering Islam and discriminating against Christians:
www.geostrategy-direct.com/geostrategy-direct/secure/2005/11_29/me.asp .

Coddling Sudan = www.thinkprogress.org/?tag=Sudan .

maybe, just maybe the reason is China...China has troops in the Sudan protecting oil fields, sell arms to the country and will stop any UN sanctions to keep the oil running smoothly.
www.sudantribune.com/article.php3?id_article=6355 . Biggest investor in Sudan oil = china.

www.newsmax.com/articles/?a=2000/8/30/195348 .

New Orleans and Genocide masked by Katrina:

While black women died and were raped in New Orleans after the levees broke - Condi was attending a tennis match in NYC sponsored in part by JPMorgan Chase, a bank she once served on an International Advisory Council for. She was also , like Imelda Marcos, the dictators wife in the Phillipines, buying lots of shoes.

"As (blacks primarily, in the) South Drowns, Rice Soaks in N.Y."
www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=18155430&postID=113333150611919769 .

She attended a professional Tennis match in New York sponsored by JPMC
www.usopen.org/en_US/about/sponsors_jpmorgan.html - The link shows one could donate to Katrina relief...the same Katrina that Condoleeza ignored while laughing it up on Broadway watching 'Spamalot'. "Condoleeza Rice visits US OPEN" and much more - www.natereport.blogspot.com .

JPMorgan Chase recently apologized for having been involved in the Slave Trade-
google JPMorgan Chase Slavery - for numerous articles, one on www.blackvoicenews.com indicates that the bank used 13,000 slaves as Collateral for loans IN LOUISIANA - you know the same place where Katrina levee sabotaged New Orleans is...
it was in fact the "Slaver's Bank" www.sf.indymedia.org/news/2005/02/1710713.php .

Dr. Rice worked for JPM-C : www.rightweb.irc-online.org/profile/1325 .

JPM-C recently settled its portion of a HUGE LAWSUIT which potentially could have bankrupted it and fellow co-defendant Barrick Gold. see www.savegold.com . The class action suit brought by the Blanchard Gold dealing company in New Orleans could have meant just over one hundred BILLION dollars in damages under RICO statutes and implicated George H W Bush and others who have involvement with Barrick Gold.
Barrick was on the ropes - in settlement talks with Blanchard - to admit and settle meant they had been manipulating THE PRICE OF GOLD FOR YEARS THROUGH ILLEGAL USE OF DERIVATIVES....to not settle meant getting destroyed in open court and possible criminal prosecution. suddenly Katrina comes along, the levees break and the whole legal system of New Orleans is washed away; offices, computers, the Federal Courthouse, the Federal Appeals Courthouse, lawyers homes, files....all gone down into the swamp. Years to put it all back together IN TEXAS...where the court system has moved to...how convenient.

maybe condi had a personal interest in those levees getting breached...

Condoleeza Rice also worked for Chevron Texaco and even had a supertanker of theirs named after her - ( SEE PHOTOS !) www.aztlan.net/oiltanker.htm .

ChevronTexaco ships have been used to commit GENOCIDE against black people in the Nigerian Delta oilfields - "gross human rights violations by Chevron...niger delta of Nigeria"
www.earthrights.org/chevron/index.shtml . The human beings that are being violated in that delta are black in case the reader does not know....is this not being a race traitor? What else can it be?

The list could be longer, Kofi and Kojo Annan and Rwanda...Colin Powell and his speech at the UN about mobile bioweapons labs that did not exist and so forth...but who will the worst in history be? Michael Powell, Colin's son and former head of the FCC. WHY?

He allowed the usage of RFID technology as head of the FCC. This technology now opens the door for the widespread introduction of spychip implants that the bible referred to as :

www.cybertime.net/~ajgood/ecommerce.html and www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RFID &

CONCLUSION: Since the death of MLK and Malcolm X , The Order allows and ensures only "pet" black leaders to emerge. Any who differ end up joining MKL and Malcolm in the early grave.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project


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