Thursday, November 17, 2005

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge company Savi Technology in
Deal with Korean Firm linked to Oil-For-Food & 'Koreagate' for "Port Security"
-RFID "Mark of the beast" components to be made in Red China-

Previous information and articles from various sources have indicated that the nation's

first Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Thomas Ridge went to work on the Board

of Directors for Savi Technology upon leaving his DHS position. Savi is an RFID related firm that

is owned by a company called Infolinks. Nothing much is known about Infolinks since all of this is

Private equity and subject to minimal SEC and Governmental scrutiny than a publicly traded

firm. There is reason to be concerned...very concerned... about a person such as Ridge going to

work for a company that has extensive ties to Chinese linked interests.

In fact, Savi and or Infolinks received 52 million dollars from such interests within a 29 day

period just when Mr. Ridge was coming on board. This is ON TOP OF the current matters

regarding the present article which involves Korean conglomerate LG Group.


1. (previously noted on "US Government officials further 'Mark of the Beast' Agenda" ).
Tom Ridge join Savi - Savi gets $50 M from china-linked Hutchinson Port Holdings despite
security concerns & Savi or its parent Infolink Systems gets an additional $2 M from GlobalSecNine, a firm associated with retired General Brent Scowcroft, #1 China lobbyist in the
USA if not the World.

2. Savi and new friend LG Group:
RFID beastchip "solutions" for Korea and Asia. LG CNS is a subsidiary of LG Group and is the
largest IT service provider in Korea and has worldwide operations.

3. LG Group implicated and under investigation in UN's Oil-For-Food scandal along with a
number of Korean firms.
"Local Firms named in Iraq report" (two subsidiaries of LG Group) .

4. LG group and China ( a nation periodically threatening nuclear annhiliation of the USA)
"Korea's China Play" .
There is even a LG Road named in honor of the korean company by happy chinese officials.

5. LG Group and China Lobbyist Brent Scowcroft-
"The Lobbyists" CSIS and its scion Pacific Forum.
Board includes LG Group member and Brent Scowcroft.

6. The joongang daily article mentions indicted Korean national Tongsun Park. Mr. Park is an
associate of Canadian United Nations icon Maurice Strong. Chairman Mo... as his friends and
others call him also has a connection to LG Group. The World Business Council For Sustainable Development has one Korean member, it is LG Group. It was founded or given impetus by Maurice Strong, Secretary
General of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

7. Maurice Strong and Tongsun Park / Oil for Food millions- , Strong believed North Korea needed
nuclear weapons due to the "threat" from the USA as UN representative appointed by Kofi Annan for the Korean peninsula.

8. LG Group and KoreaGate - largest and most widespread bribery scandal to hit US Congress.
Cha-Kuek Koo President of LG Group was convicted in 2000 of paying bribes and is linked to a
David Chang who is Chinese and suspected of ties to Red China Intelligence agencies. . AND "Where in the World is Sun Myung Moon"? Tongsun Park was an associate of Reverend Moon in the congressional scandal .

9. Korea has the dubious distinction of being associated with Three individuals mentioned as
possible Antichrists:
a) Maurice Strong .

b) Sun Myung Moon "Tear Down The Cross"

c) Kim Jong Il , leader of North Korea .

Conclusion: The article on John Ashcroft that follows this matter & LG- Tom Ridge may give the
The worship of money seems to be far too prevalent, but the ultimate conclusion is as always up to the esteemed reader.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project...


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