Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Freemason 'All-Seeing Eye' Pyramid Becoming a Technological Reality
"PyramidVision" Develops Device that can scan human retinas while person moving-

The Pyramid structure, with a capstone in the form of an eye is well and long associated

with Freemasonry , the most globally recognized symbol of course, being the US Dollar.

1. The NWO , Freemasonry and the Dollar Bill, .

2. They PyramidVision Company is a subsidiary of Sarnoff Corporation and Sarnoff is
connected to SRI , International , formerly known as the Stanford Research Institute. The
technology, like the all-seeing eye, never gets tired ,always is alert and watchful and can
now 'read' human irises or scan them to identify who the person is (once eye "prints" become
mandatory for new driver's liecenses or passports). Tech Success -
L-3, Pyramid Vision set security in motion. & .

3. Iris Scans that work in the blink of an eye...(cites movie "Minority Report" featuring
scientologist Tom Cruise).

4. Sarnoff Corporation used to be housed in the Rockefeller Center and was once known
as the famous RCA labs...

5. Historically, RCA was a consortium that was a critical link in the rise of what is now

6. RCA has connections allegedy to intelligence operations, Ronald Reagan and the possible
unsolved murders of various rock stars...including John Lennon .

7. L-3 Communications is the parent company of SyColeman, Inc. a company that just
was awarded a roughly 100 million dollar contract to conduct Psyops for the Pentagon. .

8. The Stanford Research Institute was the testing ground for psychic warfare testing
conducted by the CIA. & .

9. Sarnoff Corp has ties to the Israeli military-technological complex. Sarnoff Corporation appoints Luke
International for European distribution of GEM.

10. The all-seeing eye pyramid adorns as is an integral part of the Israel Supreme Court
which was paid for by the NWO/illuminati linked Rothschild clan. The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem - (SEE PHOTOS FOR YOURSELF)...

11. SRI had unspecified contracts with the Pentagon that involved the topic of UFOs. The
contracts were at risk if SRI were to divulge any information or cooperate on this issue
with former President Jimmy Carter. .

12. The National Security Agency is involved in an elaborate and vast project to provide
perimeter security for the Giza pyramid-sphinx plateu in Egypt. The stated reasons for this
do not stand logical scrutiny. Pyramid Plateau
Electronically Secured by 2006.

13. The Stanford Research Institute is interested in the Giza pyramids and this may be

linked to the so-called face or sphinx-like object and pyramids allegedly located on Mars.

14. Others have shown a significant connection between ETs and an ante-deluge civilization
that may have existed on Earth and possibly Mars and their connection to pyramids
structures. "WARNING- this book is not fiction"

15. A recent Pyramid discovery in Bosnia sets the orthodox version of history on its head
could it have been the real reason for the war there - its possession by the allied forces rather
than Slobodan and his Russian KGB friends? Europe's first pyramid in Bosnia.

16. Another orthodoxy shattering pyramid discovery did fall into communist hands is known as the "mayan Atlantis" off the coast of Cuba- structures have been found there covered with
a metallic coating and inscriptions that resemble no known language other than Etruscan, a
mysterious culture based in Italy that some believe is connected to Troy. & Update on Underwater Megalith .

17. A consultant for Agile TV has management ties to both Sarnoff/SRi and A scion of the
Rothschild empire. Alan Herzig

18. Occult significance to San Francisco pyramid? .

19. Occult significance to Las Vegas casino pyramid? .

20. Occult significance to Memphis , Tennessee pyramid? .

Conclusion: As always that is up to the reader. The question is...what is really going on and

where is this leading to? PH Craftlove, Director, NWO Education Project.


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