Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Jack Kemp Lobbies for "African-Nazi Regime" with Rape-White-Women Policy
Connection to Recent arson & riots in France?

Jack Kemp , like so many others in Washington D.C. nowadays is a lobbyist. Recent information

indicates that his firm has been hired by the Government of the Ivory Coast, which a year ago

was in armed combat with France. At that time , there was widespread looting and attacks on

white residents, with French citizens specifically targeted. There appeared to be organized rape

of white females by young supporters of the regime.

The Evidence:

1. Government of Ivory Coast hires Kemp lobby group. "Abidjan's New Mouthpiece" .

(cites Ivory Coast "jeunes patriotes" literally hunting down to rape white french women and others unlucky enough to be there SPECIFICALLY TO RAPE THEM)

Also, Ivory Coast has a history of eugenics like black racism from which sprang the rape
campaign. . (scroll to near bottom of link)

"Dozens of Women Raped in Revenge Campaign" by 'Young Patriot' Government Supporters. .

3. President Gbagbo is a believer in Pure Ivorianism and is supported by Pat Robertson and a

mysterious group based in Florida called the New Tribes Mission . .

See also .

4. The current leader of Venezuela has expelled the New Tribes Mission from that country
because he says they work for the CIA.
and . The NTM denies any link to the CIA.

5. Pro USA protests in Ivory Coast - .

6. See also the nazi and proto-nazi roots of all of this- .

7. By Pat Robertson' Christian Broadcast Network "French Action threatens Ivory Coast's
Christian President" .

8. Pat Robertson called for the death of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. .

9. Israel hand in Ivory Coast attack - .

10. CIA-Mossad foment Riots in France - .

11. CIA and canine rapists in Chile ( the french women were fortunate if one can use that word, it was done by humans -
sarcastically speaking...) "Dictator Removal Service"
and .

12. Rape is being used in Iraq as you read this including child rapes on video in front of parents.

13. Both Pat Robertson and Jack Kemp have gotten huge sums of money from Sun myung moon, the leader of the so-called 'moonies'. Jack Kemp - / Pat Robertson -"Moon Shadow" Americans United
for Separation of Church and State , by Rob Boston.

14. Moon is a convicted felon in the USA and allegedly a convicted sex offender in his native Korea. .

15. Moon is allegedly associated with the Bolivian Cocaine coup of the 1970s that involved Klaus
Barbie , the butcher of Lyons, a drinking buddy of then CIA agent , now Lt. Governor of Texas.
Bush 41 was head of the CIA in the mid-1970s. . The current Governor of Texas, Bush 43's
right hand man just executed the first black woman since a slave named Lucy in 1857.
She was the 13th execution in Texas and was killed professing her innocence.

Conclusion - The writer in no way favors the French Government. Chirac is as evil and
corrupt a man as one could imagine. The French tried to help Saddam get a nuclear weapon
capable program up and running for profit and seemed to not have much interest in the suicide
bombings of schoolbuses in Israel paid for by Saddam to the tune of 35 million dollars through
the corrupt UN's oil for fraud program. But the actions carried out here possibly by our own
government of this nature, when combined with The Patriot Act, bogus Bird Flu nonsense and
other such acts and programs are a threat to all of us ...if not now...soon.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project.


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