Monday, November 28, 2005

JPMorganChase funds 95% of all Films Produced in Hollywood
Evidence provided of Illuminati Control over America's #1 Export

The following website/link is straight from the Horse's bull. Whenever any entity controls 95% of any industry , they may as well control 100%. The remaining 5% must tow the line or risk being black-listed and hearing "you'll never work in this town again".

Think about all of the corrupt garbage that comes out of Hollywood, sex, violence, drugs, smoking, a disdain for marriage, parents, traditional values.

Meanwhile, never a bad thing to say about for example Bankers, certain religious/ethnic affiliations or persons who prefer the company of their own sex over the opposite, etc...

There are also those that indicate that Hollywood creates a venue to further fringe and new age so-called religions and viewpoints. Since JPMorganChase is associated with the Illuminati/NWO this makes sense, a vast medium that shapes, molds and develops the worldview of Americans and even more so foreign people that do not get to see the real America on a day to day basis, the good and the not-so good.


1. JPMorganChase owns Hollywood - He who pays the piper calls the tune...

Los Angeles Business Journal - November 29, 2004 - Michael White -
"JPMorganChase gets films done by the numbers" - 95% of movies made are decided on by one banker working for the bank. .

2. Thou shalt have no false gods before me...

a) Madonna and Kabbalah .

b) Tom Cruise -Scientology .

c) Kenneth Anger

3. It is not just Hollywood but Government leaders too -

a) Republican /President Bush - Yogi Bhajan

b) Democrat / NM Governor Bill Richardson (presidential material for dems) Yogi Bhajan as well .

c) Other Politicians in New York - Marxist cult and Schumer and Bloomberg -

d) Sun Myung Moon joins forces with Scientology in an "alliance" - Arizona Legislature. .

e) The "Newmanites" cult in "c" previously also counts as fans Governor Pataki of NY , Ralph Nader and Rudy Giuliani. .

Author Peter Levenda has a book out recently on the occult background of US politics - essentially the masses are told all is secular when in fact many politicians are involved in the occult in the USA... * not for the fainthearted...

4. JPMorgan Chase and the Occult/New World Order / Illuminati:

"A New World Order"? - This link details the history of this phenomenon in the last century or so.

World Trade Center , New York , lease and Laotian heroin too... .

Largest Pentagonal building with UNEQUAL SIDES - JPMorganChase Tower in Houston, TX. .
In Occult belief systems , uneven sides allow the presence of negative forces. The pentagonal shape pervades the occult. .

"The Profits of Plunder" JPMorganChase and Hitler - .

JPMorganChase manage Saudi arabia's investments and profit from high price of oil
Rockefeller dynasty involved / finger in every pie. . The list goes on but this writer believes the point is made.

ninetyfive percent of movies made are given thumbs up or down by an
employee of JPMorganChase , this includes so-called
independent producers and films...think about what this means regarding the very underpinnings of modern media based global 'culture'.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project


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