Friday, November 04, 2005

Neo-Sufism Link Between Qaddhafi and Adolf Hitler Provides Additional Evidence of Bill CLinton Receiving Psychic Assistance from Black Magic:

The Greatest story never told is that many of the top leaders in the world today have some

connection to sorcery, the occult, or magical means or adepts as part and parcel of their rise to

power. The gullible public is led to believe that everything is secular when in fact, quite the

opposite is true. Everything from the USA being founded largely by Freemasons , to the

Confederacy being imbued with Masonic characteristics, such as 13 pentagrams on its flag when

there were only eleven confederate States, Jefferson Davis being a mason, the crossed bars on

the flag (reminiscent of the skull and bones of the the Bush family and John Kerry fame) to the

date it declared independence among many global events and movements one could name are

imbued with hidden meaning that the public is not meant nor allowed to know about .

This particular article focuses only on one aspect of this hidden phenomenon. Research has

shown that 1) Muammar Qaddhafi of Libya is considered to be a so-called Neo-Sufism follower;

2) Knowledgeable sources believe that the German State itself , going back to the days of the

military-religious Teutonic Knights were imbued and based on Sufism as well.

A) The Italian investigative magistrate and author Carlo Palermo in his book The Fourth Level

discusses the basis for what later became Hitler's Nazism - The SS took the Prussian Empire as

a model. The Prussian state modeled itself after the Teutonic military-religious order by the

same name. The Teutonic order absorbed many members of the repressed Knight Templars

which had allegedly become very imbued with eastern mysticism and became the wealthiest

group in Europe. They drew their inspiration from Sufism. The SS and Hitler's reich therefore

followed in the path of the sufi mystics offshoot of islam which practiced a form of trance like

meditation. AND The founder of the Thule Society , the

main philosophical forebearer of nazism was a follower of neo-sufism. Rudolf Von Sebottendorf

"was deeply influenced by Sufism" . The Thule

was affiliated with a group known as the Order of the Teutons. That group was formed on the

same organizational structure as the Freemasons. .

B) Qaddhafi was born and raised a Sufi. The neo-sufis believe that wisdom comes not from a

"master" sufi practicioner but from "dreams and visions".

C) Adolf Hitler received a lot of inspiration from dreams and visions as well. .

3. Qaddafi and Charles Taylor, former brutal warlord ruler of Liberia:

Charles Taylor did not hide the fact that he was a black magician or voodoo sorcerer, a cannibal

and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings. He was trained in

Qaddafis terror camps which were the predecessors of the Al Qaeda camps of Afghanistan in the

1960s to 1980s. He is also a very good friend - ODDLY ENOUGH - of Bill Clinton. "The Devil They Know", by John
Lee Anderson, 7-27-98, The New Yorker magazine. The article also notes his friendship with
President Jimmy Carter and Jesse Jackson. in spite of "great acts of depravity" he has much
"charm" (did they mean that in the witchcraft sense?)

The fact that Charles Taylor escaped from a USA prison and is a wanted fugitive from american

justice did not stop this odd "friendship" either. Out of Africa.

Also, article- "Taylor turns back to cannibalism": filed by Tim Butcher
(no joke) in Monrovia , Liberia. He was using ritual human sacrifice to stay in power.

How can a man like this be a 'friend' of Bill Clinton "America's First Black President" did that

mean "black Magic" President?

4) If that were all it could be mere coincidence but in fact Bill has another foreign black leader

that is openly involved in sorcery and Voodoo. That is defrocked Jesuit priest Bertrand Aristide,

the former President of Haiti. No cites on his being a voodoo believer and making that religion

the official fate of Haiti. It is very commonly known. However, few know that he helped Bill Clinton during the impeachment

problems. The bathe in the blood of a new born baby. Bill must have thought it a small

price to pay...after all how many black babies die from so many wretched reasons within blocks

of the beloved White House in Washington, D. C. ? A very small price to pay for his huge ego.

See also- .

"Government of the devil, for the devil and by the devil" & "Roman Catholic Priest Gives Voodoo his
Blessings" & "Bill Clinton's affair with Voodoo" / .

One cannibal/voodoo/human sacrificing 'friend' might be written off as an aberation, a mere

acquaintanceship - but TWO?!?!? Also, it is odd that both of Bill's friends were knocked out

of power, by the US Marines (apparently more powerful than the evil spirits) by George Bush.

Skull and Bones bush must want the sorcery and deviltry all to himself - no competition for the

devil's favors. Skull and Bones is considered evil by many.



of course, this cannot be true, but the ultimate conclusion as always is left to the reader.

PH Craftlove, NWO Education Project.

(P.S. all of the people eaten by Charles Taylor and his friends were black. How does this 'jive'

with Bill Clinton's 'love' of black people? Did he at least play a New Orleans dirge for them on his



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