Saturday, November 26, 2005

NEW WORLD ORDER GUVERNATOR TO DECIDE ON EXECUTION OF "CRIPS" GANG FOUNDER- L.A. street gangs created/controlled by the Illuminati:

California Guvernator Arnold Schwarzenneger must decide whether or not to proceed with the execution of the
founder of the LA street gang, "Tookie Williams" currently scheduled for the 13th of December.

Significant information is available that is indicative of two premises:

1. Arnold Schwarzenneger is a member of the New World Order cabal. Likely, a mid or upper-mid level officer.

2. The LA street gangs the crips and bloods were formed by the CIA and others working for the NWO.

THIS PRESENTS A DILEMMA - Do they kill one of their own creations or do they

allow for leniency. Whatever the decision the reader can rest assured that it will be based on a

cold, ruthless calculation of what serves the interests of the Illuminati best...the issue of the

alleged murdered victims (Tookie claims to be innocent of three of the four murders), "Justice"

and so forth is just rubbish for mass consumption.

This writer's $ if it were an appropriate topic for wagering, which it is not, is DEATH, thumbs down.

After all, they are not called THE ORDER OF DEATH ...for nothing.


1. The Guvernator is NWO:

Arnold has enormous delusions of grandeur...he dreams of being a dictator or messiah. He , like Barak Obama, Maurice Strong and others is suspected of being an "anti-christ" figure as the
prophet Nostradamus would describe the term. .

Arnold's father is a nazi and his friend war-criminal Kurt Waldheim, former leader of the UN and a host of other fascist and occultic connections can be found in the following site: .

2. The Crips are a creation of the NWO: "America's secret police force" - secret arming and training of crips/bloods by the Government.

Both the rise of Red China and its attempted arming of Crips and bloods on the West Coast were
part of the lifting of China by the NWO much like they tried to do with the Nazis in the 1920-30s. .

The opium cartel that was based in the northeast of the USA, the predecessor or platform so to
speak of Skull and Bones was known as the Blue Bloods. Blue is the color of the Crips and the Bloods are the name of the gang that wears red , obviously. .

The CIA used the crips and bloods to spread the crack cocaine epidemic in the so-called inner
city. .

The ends justify the means... .

What became of this ? nothing...except reporter Gary Webb was murdered by the Order... .

"America's secret war" (against black people 3.5 centuries old and going full speed ahead) .

General Gehlen, the head of German Intelligence in occupied soviet territores during WWII was in essence the founder of the underpinnings of the CIA. .

"Only UPI noted the CIA's admission that following WWII Hitler's top general in charge of espionage transferred his entire network of thousands of spies and double agents to what became the newly-formed CIA.....CIA has been molded by these former Nazis whose ideas on
Eugenics, race, social control, biowarfare and propaganda dominate the policies of countless "think tanks" like the Rockefeller funded Manhattan Institute..." .

Arnold married Maria Schriver Kennedy, a member of the Kennedy Clan. .
Her grandfather old Joe Kennedy, father of JFK was pro-hitler and pro-nazi to the point that
Winston Churchill had him kicked out of the UK were he had been the US ambassador. .

The love of the nazis by the father did not save the son- .

What did the nazis think of black people or africans?
The best that could be hoped for was sterilization... .

so now...the son of a nazi, married to the grandaughter of a nazi get to decide that a black crip founder must die - you know - because he is "evil" when the CIA, the organization that was created by nazi exiles used the Crips to sell crack that killed and kills thousand of black americans even in the womb without a single criminal charge ever being raised.....Justice or Genocide, which is it? .

please sign the petition to spare his life - he has apologized for founding the Crips (an organization that the governments of both the USA and China seem to find no problem "dealing" with) and professes his innocence of three of the four crimes. - note: this does not belittle the people he allegedly killed in 1981- but if he should be executed wouldn't it only be fair to have a lot of CIA operatives lined up before him?

and you know that will NEVER HAPPEN.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project


Blogger carmela1 said...

PH-- maybe ober-fuhrer will have more mercy on tookie than rick perry of texas had when he cleared the first execution of a black woman in texas since the civil war . . .immediately in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. also execution took place on 33rd parallel, where much of the world's blood letting takes place. 33rd . . freemasons . . . satanic rituals??? again just more coincidences . . oh yeah, abu ghraib is on the 33rd parallel, too. again, mere coincidence . .

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