Thursday, November 24, 2005

NWO-Illuminati Controlled World Wildlife Fund "takes a stand" vs. Global Warming - Continuation of Effort to Profit from Kyoto Carbon-Credit Scam:

The endless debate over global warming is part of an effort to install a One-World government

based on the false theory that individuals and individual nation States cannot effectively manage

their own affairs and need to be guided by some intellectually superior entity or group with

collectivist tendencies. This is the entire premise for the United Nations , World Bank and other

institutions one could think of that constantly inject into the mainstream media the premise that

1. The Earth is dying and needs to be saved (by submitting to their authority); and

2. That Global Warming exists , is caused by certain gases created by human civilization and
can be eliminated-mitigated or controlled by "Sustainable Development" - guided again by the NWO front-entities.

This is nothing more than a fear tactic scam to gain power and profit by the "chosen few" that worship as Mikhail Gorbachev called it "the spirit of the Earth" or better said what the Bible
calls "The lord of this World".

The Evidence:


1. "Tour operator Takes a Stand Against Global Warming"
World Wildlife Fund says global warming will cause Polar Bear extinction. The answer?

Purchase "tickets" for GreenHouse gas and carbon offsets through an exchange known as
"MyClimate". . US $16 can buy you 1.5 tons of greenhouse gases because the money "might be invested in solar ovens in Africa".

Searching the My-Climate site shows that the operation is established as a charity in banking secrecy haven Switzerland and the exchange mechanisms are effectuated by a German company known as 500 PPM Gmbh in Germany.

The German company is apparently connected to Co2e a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald, the
largest trader of US T-bonds that took a direct hit on WTC 1 on 9-11. .

Some believe Cantor Fitzgerald is tied in with organized crime and gambling including the "Osama Bin Laden of Gambling..."
"9/11 and the Mob" .

The co2e site also says its operations are "in association with PriceWaterHouseCooper" This
accounting firm is involved in supposedly auditing Online Casinos. .

The previously mentioned Carbon Trading entity site notes that another investor is Mitsui company of Japan. Said company was controlled by the Japanese Yakuza AT LEAST during the second world war era and along with Suzuki is one of the two surviving japanese companies that belonged to the so called Opium Monopoly Bureau of Japan.

The attack which wiped out the Cantor Office in Manhattan on 9-11 led to the US invasion of
Afghanistan and the FLOURISHING-AS-YOU-READ-THIS opium trade there, under US and UK noses...coincidence? Mitsui/opium.

Afghanistan/opium- "...Crop back to record levels" .

Kyoto Trading and World Bank 'bookie' ...World Bank would make a commission on all trades and could have gotten 100 million a year in these transactions. and

The Kyoto treaty is fased on bad science or outright fraud behind the so-called "Hockey Stick"
theory claiming that greenhouse gases cause global warming. & .


Sustainable Development = depopulation, genocide to achieve control


The previous post noted connections to the Nazis by both founders.

The World Wildlife Fund is involved in a "cross-recognition agreement" with the Chicago Climate Exchange, another emissions trading platform based on the Kyoto greenhouse gases treaty .

Maurice Strong is listed or has been recently as a Public Director of the Chicago Climate Exchange. .

Mr. Strong is the "custodian of the planet" according to the New York Times and the Michelangelo of Networking - .

The "champagne socialist , full of bubbles" is or has been on the board of directors of the World Wildlife Fund - .

The World Wildlife Fund is connected to a Eugenics movement that is nazi-like and genocidal in nature. This process is connected to the british Tavistock Institute. .

The Tavistock Institute is a British mindcontrol laboratory designed to serve the New World Order - * Recently the bomb the killed 33 people on the London bus bombing splattered remains on the door of the Tavistock institute. Some believe it was a human sacrifice of sorts. .

A major funding source for the World Wildlife Fund is The Joyce Foundation, the creator of the Chicago Climate Exchange. The Joyce Foundation also gives money to the World Wildlife fund. ...

Who sits on the Board of the Joyce Foundation handing out cash to virtually every environmental group imaginable?
Senator Barak Obama of Illinois

One of the companies listed as taking part in the Chicago Climate Exchange program is called Carr Futures, it is a subsidiary of Calyon, a french financial entity. .

Senate hearings on the Oil-For-Food Scandal indicate in reference to the accused Bayoil company that "The ledger shows multiple payments to a commodities broker named "CARR FUTURES"... "Supplemental Report on Bayoil Diversions of Iraq Oil". .

Carr Futures suffered horribly on September 11, 2001...oddly enough, just like Cantor Fitzgerald that helps run the co2e emissions trading system.,1300,552110,00.html .

Carr Futures was located on the 92 Floor of the North Tower. 9+ 2 = 11 an odd numerological
"coincidence" to the date 9-11. The Executive Vice President Mr. Cruikshank was an Army combat veteran.

Barak Obama may someday be our President

Both he and fellow Chicago Climate Exchange /Joyce Foundation / World Wildlife Fund linked

Maurice Strong have been mentioned by as the possible "anti-christ". and

Prince Charles of England has also been mentioned as an Antichrist candidate his father was Prince Philip the co-founder of the WWF. .

The mysterious Jesuit order has even gotten into the Chicago Climate Exchange as a member-

The Mayor of Chicago is backing this climate exchange and he has been associated with the CIA front known as the Manhattan Institute (which has many Jesuit trained leaders) - & .

In Fact, Mayor Daley is the Honorary Chairman of the Exchange . He backs the "Chicago Wilderness Recovery plan" which would in effect remove humanity from certain regions or areas.

This oddly enough mirrors a report on the need for Depopulation of the globe due to Security interests that was authored by China Lobbyist, retired General Brent Scowcroft. .

Brent Scowcroft and Maurice Strong jointly encouraged the signing of the Pro-United Nations environmentalist "Rio Accords" by President George H W Bush. Bush 41 gave his "New World
Order" speech on September 11, 1990...(9-11-1+9+9=19 for any amateur numerologists) .

Question Presented to the esteemed Reader: Can all of this be Coincidence???

PH Craftlove , Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project


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