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NOTE* - This is Part Two. For Prequel information, please scroll down to first part immediately following this article.


1. Another interesting tenant of the Sears Tower is CapGemini Ernst & Young. This company

is heavily involved in outsourcing , accounting and yes...mark of the beast / RFID spychips. The

company , like so many others is a proud partner of the USA Deptartment of Defense WHILE

ALSO a proud partner of the people's Republic of China. The

largest shareholder is Serge Kampf, a jewish billionaire and one of the richest men in France.

2. CapGemini Ernst & Young is a partner with Sun Microsystems in the mark of the beast

chipping movement which Sun...admits is "a disruptive technology...the internet of things...".

3. CapGemini E &Y is also involved in Deals with China that are extensive. 'Google' the name

of any company noted in this article and some connection to China occurs. Cap Gemini E & Y

also still manages to have extensive ties to US Government security agencies.

4. CapGemini Ernst & Young and Computer Sciences Corporation both have business ties with

a British company named Autonomy.

5. Richard Perle sits on the Board of Autonomy. The chief of Autonomy is a british scientist

that is a member of the Carlyle Group. Autonomy is connected to an Artificial Intelligence

company started by the same scientist and has apparently heavy connections to British Intel.


a) CapGemini Ernst & Young in Sears Tower- www.chicagobusiness.com/cgi-bin/article.pl?feature_id=7&page_id=1453&format=list .

b)CapGemini Ernst & Young RFID/Spychips - www.us.capgemini.com/news/current_news.asp?ID=326&PRyear=2003 Global Consultancy
teams with leading technology companies to deliver the benefits of RFID.

c) For the pharmaceutical industry RFID - www.us.capgemini.com/news/current_news.asp?ID=357&PRyear=2003

d) CapGemini and Sun Microsystems/ RFID - www.us.capgemini.com/news/current_news.asp?ID=387 .

e) RFID 'Disruptive technology' - "Sun sees RFID as a disruptive technology that will be one of the key enablers of "the internet of things" (emphasis is in the original by Sun -not writer as are quotes within quotes) www.sun.com/software/solutions/rfid/index.xml .

Sun has an RFID test center in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Texas is near the Masonic 33rd parallel. It
is where JFK was killed outside of Dealey Plaza , the home of the Mother Lodge of Texas and
the freemasons are Solar/Sun worshippers .

f) This may be part of the NWO depopulation strategy since one of the founders of Sun Micro-
Systems believes that the "world will come to an end" in the 2020s or 30s due to technology...
the very technologies he has gotten very wealthy creating!
www.religioustolerance.org/end_wrl18.htm .

g) Knowledgeable sources believe that the illuminati/NWO are using SPECIFICALLY - Google,
Sun Microsystems and Microsoft to gain control of the world with technology controlled by them. The previously mentioned NSA or National Security Agency is specifically spoken of.
www.rense.com/general67/goog.htm "Emergency Warning Regarding Google-Sun Alliance".

h) CapGemini Ernst & Young partner with Richard Perle's Autonomy PLC
(just look at the sheer number of client companies whose mail Richard might get access to, it is
mindboggling) - www.autonomy.com/content/Press/Archives/2001/0830.html
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young markets Autonomy...partnership...

i) Richard Perle and Autonomy PLC - www.srcf.ucam.org/camsaw/pressreleases/2003-04-08-autonomy.html and www.autonomy.com/content/Autonomy/Management.html

j) The leader of Autonomy , Michael Lynch Ph.d is also on the Carlyle Group and is the founder
of an AI - Artificial Intelligence related company called Neurodynamics. see above link.
See also - www.global-elite.org/elitewiki/index.php/Main_Page and www.global-elite.org/elitewiki/index.php/Carlyle_Group .

k) Cap Gemini Ernst & Young / Department of Defense- www.capgemini.com/news/current_news.asp?ID=385

l) Serge Kampf / CG E & Y Chairman of the Board - www.jobcircle.com/career/profiles/766.html .

m) Among the companies already selling or implementing Autonomy's technology...CG E & Y and Computer Sciences Corporation... www.autonomy.com/content/Press/Archives/1999/1220.html

n) "Company seeks to Reassure NSA on Groundbreaker" (referring to Computer Sciences
Corporation) www.washingtontechnology.com/news/16_10/business/17000-1.html .
NSA ..."allready skittish"...

o) For a detailed analysis of the Neocon power grab at NSA that has turned into a security fiasco due to Outsourcing mania see - www.cryptome.org/nsa-stifle.htm .

p) Richard Perle and China - "Richard Perle , Enterprising Hawk" www.makethemaccountable.com/leopold/030328_RichardPerleEnterprisingHawk.htm .
Global Crossing sale


q) Richard Perle advises Loral (company that gave China missile tech to better nuke the USA)
www.mindfully.org/Reform/2003/Perle-Aided-Loral29mar03.htm .

r) For a divergent view of the battle between two NWO factions to give a general viewpoint on
this matter see: www.venusproject.com/ecs/nuclear_false_flag.html

Conclusion - Sears Tower > Deutsche Boerse Systems = Rothschilds / Trizec Properties = Munk
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young = Serge Kampf... with Richard Perle in the mix... is this a citadel of
the NWO or a Catastrophe-in-waiting? Three billionaires associated with the NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER ONE ROOF...coincidence at zip code 60606???

PH Craftlove , Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project

...oh yes! and Bank of America sponsors Races up the Empire State Building in NYC...

"The plane that crashed into the Empire State Building" www.history1900s.about.com/library/misc/blempirecrash.htm

That 1940s crash went directly into the offices of a Catholic Charity on the 79th floor. The same Catholic Charity that was responsible for the Vatican assisted rat-lines for the nazis to flee Europe after WWII. ...and according to info on Skolnick Reports, the Popes are the real owners
of Bank of America...lots of coincidence here folks...


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