Saturday, November 05, 2005

Uday Hussein Was Responsible for 9-11 Attacks-Motive=Revenge
(Evidence/Theory admittedly tangential - but interesting)

There are more theories as to 'what really happened' regarding the 9-11 attacks than a litter of

puppies born in an alley to a stray have potential sires. The evidence for this particular theory is

as note admittedly tangential. However, Some aspects of the provided information open doors

at least to the possibility that an unexplored aspect of the attacks merits further investigation.

The Evidence:

1. Uday Hussein was shot to pieces during a failed assassination attempt in Baghdad while

driving his red colored Porsche 9-11. Obviously , the numerical name of the car matches

precisely the date of the attack. Uday ,
Qusay killed after 6 hour fight. This site notes that Uday was the head of the Iraqi Olympic
Committee and would torture athletes including Boxers. The Boxer is also a name associated
with the Porsche vehicle.

2. The men who did the hit were Shias from the 15 Shabaan movement. Very little is known

about this group. They dress in a secular fashion and do not seem to espouse radical islam. In

1996 an abortive coup against Saddam was tried by the CIA. It would seem likely that the

would be killers of Uday had CIA help. Thus, Uday would have reason to attack the USA. He

was left partially paralyzed, impotent (bad for a serial rapist) and had his shin blown off and

replaced with an artificial one as a result of the attack. He also lost any chance of beating his

brother Qusay as heir to the throne of Saddam. In a word, he had a huge amount of reasons

for REVENGE - a mainstay in arab culture . . The Men Who Shot Uday Hussein. The attempt on Uday was also in 1996.

3. Uday ran Olympic Hospital in Baghdad, this is where the wounded Zarqawi came for a new

leg after being injured in a US air strike in Afghanistan after the 9-11 attacks. Thus, the 'emir'

of Al Qaeda in Iraq got his start there through Uday and they both shared being maimed by the

USA. "There is a C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-O-N" , besides the Olympic hospital
treatment for zarqawi, it notes many other seeming connections between fundamentalist
muslim terrorists and Saddam's regime. One of them being that Uday was the leader of the
fanatical Fedayeen Saddam.

4. The Fedayeen Saddam were the "direct link" between the baathist regime and Al Qaeda.
A Lt. Col. in the Fedayeen attended a 'terror summit' in Malaysia with known AQ members in
2000. Uday ran the Fedayeen. Also, note his brother Qusay, never comes up in any articles
on radical islam. But then, he did not have the revenge motive and sheer physical pain his
brother did. .

5. Whoever hit the USA on 9-11 had intimate knowledge of the Occult and numerology in

particular. .&
For example, 911 days passed from the 9-11 attacks and the Madrid Train bombings as well.
Could this be coincidence? .

6. Uday gets hit in his 9-11 by (possible US agents) and hits back on 9-11...? Uday was steeped

in the Occult as was the Hussein regime itself. Uday ran the State television which regularly ran

advertisements asking for psychics willing to help the Presidential family of Iraq. If they were

successful in using their powers, the rewards were advertised to be great. "Uday was a firm believer in magic".

7. The previous link noted that Saddam had established a Department of Parapsychology at
Baghdad University. Uday ran Baghdad University.

8. Numerology also points to Uday himself. His date of birth is 11/11/1964. Please do the
numerology yourself if you wish- it is so obvious it does not require training.
11 and 11 and 19 + 64. The year has the 19 and 6+4 = 10 = 1...191 or an anagram of 911. Also,

9 + 1 +1 = 11...3 "11"s...etc.... 3 "3"s is 9. The fact is only one man had these numbers in his

natal chart, drove and was attacked IN a 9-11, had connections to the occult and Al Qaeda, and

a motive for revenge on the USA which happened on 9-11 and whose "hands" in the operation

used PORSCHE 911 as a codeword. That man was Uday Hussein.


Codeword- or google terms Porsche 911 Mohammed Atta, there are various listings.

The conclusion as always is up to the esteemed reader.

PH Craftlove, Director , NWO Education Project...


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