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Wanna-be New York Governor in 2006 is linked to CIA-front, Satanists' Attorney & is Bush-43's point man to Create new country out of USA/Mexico/Canada:

This is an information piece / article over which something can still be done by the reader.

There is still a year until the next New York Governor's race will be decided. This writer was the

recipient of an email from "Insider Report from" which said

Headlines..."3. Giuliani Backing Weld for N. Y. Governor", date Sunday, November 06, 2005.

The question presented is who is William Weld and what is behind his candidacy?

The Evidence:

1. William Weld is the former Governor of Massachusetts, federal prosecutor and scion of the

blue-blood east coast family. His wife is a descendant of Theodore Roosevelt and is an expert in

Chinese law. . The wiki link also note his families

very longstanding (VERY LONGSTANDING) ties with the Bush-Walker clan.

2. George Herbert Walker , the great-grandfather of Dubya, who along with Prescott Bush dubya's grandfather, was

responsible for the economic sustenance and thus rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, was a

close business partner of the Weld family. The same article notes that Giuliani , who just

endorsed Weld- is on the Board of a company controlled by Weld. In fact he is the Chairman of

the Board. Leeds Weld & Co. The largest private equity (non-SEC scrutinized) firm specializing

in the education and training areas in the USA.

( Timeline of Treason- The Bush Family Connection to the Nazis: & Gold Fillings, Auschwitz & George Bush / ,
"Nazis in the Attic" ).

3. Giuliani is closely associated if not controlled by The Manhattan Institute, an almost openly

recognized/admitted front for the CIA. .

4. William Weld as Governor of Massachusetts had a similar relationship with a clone or twin

with a Boston accent of the Manhattan Institute known as the Pioneer Institute for Public

Policy Research. "modeled on the conservative Manhattan Institute..." "Privatizing the Common
Wealth". The British founder of the MI and the Institute of Economic Affairs in the UK had
close ties to William Casey of the CIA and gave Margaret Thatcher her ideas on how to govern
much like Giuliani and later Weld... .

5. As noted in the wiki-link supra on Weld, he was a former US Federal prosecutor. He had the

lawyer for the so-called Process Church of The Final Judgment hired by the US Department of

Justice. The Process group is alleged to be overtly and deeply satanic in nature with allegations (that are denied strenuously)

of ties to the so-called Son of Sam and Charles Manson family (one of whose members

"squeaky" Fromme almost killed President Gerald Ford , which would have made NWO leader

Nelson Rockefeller as our President). "Religious Mind Control Cults".

The attorney for the group is named John Markham. (note * being the attorney for the group is
weird, but not synonymous with being a member - that is unknown to this writer).

The hidden mysteries article notes that Weld funded a 'counter-culture' tabloid that wrote a

seemingly benign article on the group - so he was very aware of whom Markham represented.

The following article provides more info on the group and notes that the connection to Son of

Sam and so forth is refuted. The group today is known as The Processans and they run shelters

to help battered women and played a role in the movie 'smile'. / "Sympathy for the Devil" & to view the "uniforms" worn by
members pls refer to- "cool looking swastikas" - "uniforms".

6. Whom else does Mr. Markham represent?



"Chalabi's Iran ties get bigger and bigger"...(as in espionage ties allegedly) . AND for very detailed info on Chalabi's ties to
the ayatollahs... Superb Chronology of the Israeli
Pentagon Spy Case.

7. Chalabi and his INC were on the payroll of a Pentagon contractor known as SAIC -

Science Applications International Corporation. BluePrint for a Nation
to form the core of the new Iraqi Government post-Saddam.

8. SAIC is the "psychic warfare" contractor for the CIA and DIA "Star Gate {Controlled Remote Viewing} Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of
the Paranormal.

9. Ahmad Chalabi , oddly enough is trained by the Jesuits. His early schooling was at their
school in Baghdad that was closed by Saddam Hussein. They now have it back. The Jesuits
appear to have a major connection to the american politicians associated with the Manhattan
Institute. as note supra as well &

Ahmad Chalabi and the "liberation" of Iraq - World Socialist Web Site. or google term Chalabi Jesuit.

The pro-Nazi Prime minister of Iraq was "impressed" with the Jesuits and enrolled two of his
nephews in their school when they stayed while almost all other Americans fled (in'42).
Previous link in "9" supra connects to information that Heinrich Himmler used the Jesuits as his
"role models" for the SS. .

10. William Weld's Lt. Governor was trained by the Jesuits as well. Paul Celluci/Weld/Jesuits - .

11. William Weld was the pointman for the Council on Foreign Relations sponsored talks on

forming a "North American Union" i.e.; erasing the USA in its present format and creating a new

geopolitical entity between the USA , Mexico and Canada. "Building a North American Community" .

12. IRONICALLY - this USA destroying clique has set up shop in AMERICAN UNIVERSITY- (see photo of Weld and buddies or amigos).

13. American University is largely funded by the United Methodist Church.
American University President Resigns...after investigation..

14. George W. Bush is a member of the United Methodist Church
President Bush named "Methodist Layman of the Year"

The PH Craftlove NWO Education Project asks that anyone reading this article please provide it

to any New York voter for consideration - The appropriate vote or conclusion is up to the reader/voter.

PH Craftlove, Director.


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