Friday, December 23, 2005


NBC has a new series that has been widely criticized by Christians. It is called "The Book of

Daniel" and revolves around "Daniel Webster a drug addicted episcopal priest whose wife

depends heavily on her mid-day martinis."

The series features children that are involved in homosexuality, drug dealing and incest.

The priest's female secretary is having an affair with his sister-in-law and he speaks to a "Jesus"

character that is markedly NOT like the Jesus spoken of or believed in by Christians in the Bible

or in any historical analysis even from a nonchristian perspective. SEE: "New NBC Drama Show Mocks Christianity".



The Evidence:

1. The NBC logo is a Peacock. The Peacock is a symbol of Pride associated with Lucifer , The

fallen angel. Pride caused the rebellion of the angels and created what is now known as Evil

according to biblical accounts. NBC Logo uses

Peacock Symbol.

2. The devil is referred to as the "Peacock Angel". "it is the yezidis veneration for the devil in

their assemblies is paid to his symbol...It is the figure of a peacock..." . The Yezidis are a sect in northern Iraq.

3. Saddam Hussein was in yearly contact with their leader. .

4. Their headquarters is north of Mosul , Iraq. .

5. General Electric owns the majority share of NBC. . GE is the largest conglomerate in the world.

NBC is now NBC Universal after a merger by GE with the Universal studios of Arnold

Schwarzenneger fame. (see previous link). Arnold is now the Guvernator and he has long been

associated with the Illuminati, New World Order and rituals at Bohemian Grove that are said to

be evil.
"GE's NBC , which helped elect Arnold Schwarzenneger governor of California..." . The article also cites a large number of

criminal activities and wrongdoing allegedly done by GE , the parent company of the Peacock.

6. Arnold Schwarzenneger is a member of the illuminati and has been closely associated with the
Rothschild clan. . &
(see photo).

7. Arnold Schwarzenneger at Bohemian Grove. .

8. General Electric helped Lenin to establish the soviet union energy grid. Lenin's dictum

"Socialism = Electrification" was made possible through the company. The Conglomerate had

a major and "unique role in 20th century history" it "profited handsomely from Bolshevism,

Roosevelt's New Deal and...National Socialism in Hitler's Germany" .

9. General Electric allegedly performed experiments on unwilling human beings involving

radiation and there are allegations of a host of other "questionable conduct". The experiments

are reminiscent of their help to the Third Reich which literally wrote the book on the horrid

subject. . irradiated the scrotums

and testes of 64 inmates to see what it could do...

10. General Electric was also involved in weather modification experiments which some

believed may have caused a hurricane to strike Georgia but the evidence is not sufficient to

say that with a large degree of confidence.

11. General Electric has hosted "workshops" by Jean Houston the guru for Senator Hillary

Clinton that is connected to the United Religions Initiative which many believe is a forum for the

one world religion that must go hand in glove with the one world government led by the enemy

of Jesus and Christians - the antichrist. .

12 NBC anchorman proclaimed on the air the beginning of the New World Order on 10-11-01. . Tom Brokaw...

13. NBC's top news anchors including Mr. Brokaw are in the New World Order linked Council

on Foreign Relations. .

The old saying "with friends like these...." comes to mind. The background of NBC and its owner

General Electric explain very obviously WHY a series that is derogatory to conventional

Christian belief would be promoted by the network. The first link in this article connects to a

petition to NBC regarding the objectionable character of "The Book of Daniel". The reader may

wish to sign it if appropriate.

PH , Director , PH Craftlove NWO Education Project

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Arizona Connection: Illuminati outpost in the 33rd Parallel Desert:

There are numerous connections in Arizona to Illuminati/New World Order

Interests that largely go unnoticed. This article will attempt to expose them-

1. The freemason line of death and power passes through Arizona. Specifically near Phoenix.

2. The Latitude of Phoenix, Arizona is : N. Latitude 33.30.

3. The Phoenix is a mythical creature with strong symbolic ties to the Illuminati.

"the phoenix bird has roots in egyptian satanic mysteries...cursed religion has been revived by

Freemasonry and Skull and Bones..." The Bird is a parody of Jesus Christ and stands for the

masonic antichrist. .

The Phoenix is a military and spiritual symbol of the groups. It is an important part of their

dark resurrection rituals.

Hillary Clinton wears lapel pins with the symbol of the Phoenix . This is a sign allegedly to other

Illuminists of her membership in the group . See also: .

The motto of the Arizona State University is the Sun Devils.

The University is heavily involved with the CIA/In-Q-Tel (google terms together or see links)

Michael Crow was named President of Arizona State University on March 29, 2005. He is on the
board of In-Q-Tel and executive vice-provost of Columbia University.

analysis: 1) Michael "crow" - " Crows tend to be more symbolic of the spiritual aspects of death" .

2) "Columbia" University - Columbia is another name for America. . There is a constellation called Columba. It stands for a
Dove or the Pleiades, the contstellation known as "The Doves". .

3) The Pleiades are very important in Freemasonry and the belief is that the Pyramid of Giza

was built in their honor. This is the same pyramid constantly shown in their symbolism such as

on the US Dollar.

4) The pleiades are associated with end times events and the destruction of Atlantis by both

Jewish and mayan lore. .

5) The Pleiades were also instrumental in the astrology of the founding of the New York Stock Exchange by George Washington. .

6. The link in number 5 also discusses the importance of the constellation Taurus. The Bull as in
"bull market" . The term bull market in fact, comes from the mithras cult in which the bull of
heaven is slain by mithras an ancient deity of Persia and Bablylon.

7. In-Q-Tel of course is involved in investing in the Stock Market. Stock is another word for

Cattle - The Bull.

8.Masonic astrology is found everywhere in the NASA lunar missions. This features the Pleiades to a significant degree. .

9. The head of NASA is also connected to In-Q-Tel. .

10. ASU is part of NASA "AstroBiology Institute" whose purpose is to study life in other planets.

11. NASA has chosen - no surprise - the same Law Firm that In Q Tel used to begin its own
venture fund . The name of the law firm is "no longer available".

12. The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the building on the ASU campus (that looks like a toilet) in which all attorneys in the State of Arizona swear in to the Bar organization.

13. Frank Lloyd Wright was a follower of Gurdjieff. He met Gurdjieff through his wife who

passed away in Scottsdale , Arizona in 1985. Scottsdale is adjacent to ASU in Tempe and also

Phoenix. Wright's career was going nowhere until he took a trip to Berlin in 1910. Germany at

that time was hotbed of bizarre political, mystical and spiritual ideas and movements that

ultimately became Nazism and its governmental embodiment the Third Reich. & .

The latter article speaks of the horrific crime at Taliesin, reminiscent of the Movei "The

Shining" with Jack Nicholson. This is where Wright is buried. The wife that led him to be a

follower of Gurdjieff was 33 years his junior. She died in 1985 and is buried in Arizona.

14. *Gurdjieff was an adept of the so-called "Left-Hand Path". This is the path of sorcery and

what is commonly called black magick. & . . *THE READER SHOULD EXERCISE EXTREME

15. Certain statues of "Sprites" once located in Chicago were repaired and sent to the Arizona

Biltmore Hotel. These were considered very important by Mrs. Wright and the work on

repairing the statues took place at the Taliesin Fellowship location prior to shipment. See photo

in link. . Sprites are fairy-like entities.

16. According to Welsh legend, Taliesin was turned into a wizard. & Taliesin is steeped in the occult according to
folklore - .

17. The Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, North Carolina is or was the headquarters of the
Illuminati. .
See also: .

18. The Biltmore Hotel - the only hotel in the world based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design-
caught fire when work being performed by Taliesin Associated Architects (of
Taliesin West) lit the roof on fire with a blowtorch. It was a six alarm fire. .

19. The previously mentioned Gammage Auditorium by Wright was actually supposed to have

been built in Baghdad, Iraq.

20. The fire occurred when new owner , Talley Industries purchased the hotel. Talley

Talley Industries does 95% of its business with the Pentagon and its bazooka

projectiles have been in use in combat there. A new, larger contract was just

entered into with the Pentagon. . Talley Defense Systems is the sole US

manufacturer to have an impact on the world market for Bazooka / RPG type weapons. .

21. Frank Lloyd Wright had enormous plans for Baghdad. They included a center devoted to

the Pagan deities of Sumer and "A CITRUS GARDEN (IN HONOR OF WRIGHT'S

INTERPRETATION OF THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT)... Iraq , of course is the fabled

home of the garden of Eden where allegedly Eve tempted Adam with the Apple

pursuant to the serpent's advice causing the Fall of Man.

22. Frank Lloyd Wright's design was in fact to be built on the island of Edena , aptly named

because it was believed to be THE ACTUAL LOCATION OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN. HE


(to the left of sketch) and for main link: .

24. Baghdad , Iraq is located at N. Latitude : 33.20 or nearly identical to Phoenix.

25. The Legal system in America will be soon going through major upheaval. There is talk of

Congress dismembering the 9th Circuit, based in San Francisco, California and creating a 12th

Circuit based in Phoenix, Arizona. The problem however is the fact that there are 12 circuits

now. The Washington D.C. Court of Appeals IS THE 12th APPELLATE COURT (not to be

confused with The United States Supreme Court , also in D.C.)

Thus, the new appellate Court will in fact be the 13TH Circuit...The "word" is that it will be located in Phoenix...of course.

The US Court System will have its latest Court be number 13, on the 33rd

parallel in a City named after a freemasonic bird of evil. The new judges can

even swear in at the Gammage Center designed by a man that honors the fall

from grace at the garden of eden and the follower of a master of the Left-Hand nice, don't you think? .

Bye the way, The King of Iraq that was going to allow the Eden Casino to be built was

overthrown in a coup on July 14 - The same day as Bastille Day in France. He and his family

met the same fate as the French Royals....they were annihilated. .

Saturday, December 03, 2005


The Freemason secret society allegedly has a "thing" about bridges. This article will try to piece

together some of the connections with odd bridge incidents and their possible links to this secret

cult using a connect-the-dots methodology.

1. John Dimitri Negroponte is our nation's National Security Director. He is a former ambassador to Honduras and believed linked to death squads operating in that region during the 1980s wars . He is also a Yale graduate and member of Skull and Bones. .

2. His last name means Black - "Negro" Bridge - "Ponte" (Puente in spanish).

3. Bridges are sacred to Freemasonic cults: "The construction of the bridges that we want to build do not have to follow the rules of engineering"

4. Royal Arch masonry is obsessed with bridge symbolism - .

5. Princess Diana died under a very special bridge in Paris -
The name of the bridge in french is Pont De L' Alma. "The Bridge of Souls" which dates back to pagan times where it allegedly was a site for human sacrifices. Diana was of the Merovingian line which according to author Dan Brown carries the DNA of Jesus Christ and his wife Mary Magdalene. .

6. Diana's driver was being paid money by British intelligence funneled by "british banks" whose actual names are never mentioned in the mainstream media or anywhere. .

7. Negroponte was born in London and his wife is a british "blue-blood" with close connections to the Royal Family. He is mentioned as a member of a group described as casual freemasonry. .

8. The trial in the murder of "God's Banker" found hanging under Black Friar's bridge in London has started in Italy. This is front page news there but not a word - NOT A WORD- is said in US papers about this trial that will expose the dark side of Italy according to prosecutor's. YET WE HAVE A FREE PRESS DO WE NOT? This exposes ties between freemasonry, the vatican, the CIA and the Italian Mafia....interesting but unless you speak italian and can link up to their press online - you will not see a single article on the topic even though americans are named in the sordid affair. . The Article mentions P2 Lodges formed by fascists that had tentacles in Argentina. They helped train Contras in bases in Honduras where Negroponte was ambassador. .

9. Four security personnel or mercenaries depending on one's jargon died in a horrible fashion in Fallujah, Iraq. Their mutilated burnt bodies were left hanging from a bridge for all to see. This event led to the destruction and invasion of Fallujah some time later by US forces.
See for background- .

and Kos' bridge - .

There was a previous group of four mercenaries that tried to cross the bridge into Fallujah and met also an unkind fate. They were Irgun Jewish terrorists that the Brits called out in desperation to try and stop an Iraq freemason coup allied with the Nazis from taking over Iraq and its oilfields. The nazis were stopped. Had they succeeded the allies would have lost WWII. This means that the Brits have been fighting FOUR WARS IN IRAQ IN THE PAST 90 YEARS.

1. After WWI. 2. This battle during WWII. 3. Gulf War One. 4. Gulf War II. - all for Oil and as noted Negroponte is related through marriage to the aristocracy of Britain.

Could this be coincidence or karma? Saddam's father in law and uncle that raised him was part of the Golden Square military/masonic pro-Hitler group - He taught Saddam all he knew.
"The Nazi Background of Saddam Hussein" - .

The Nazis sent Heinkel and Messerschmitt bombers to the iraq rebels.
The attempt at an overthrow would not have been even tried without the air support provided by the Luftwaffe. They needed certain key items to keep the planes flying of course....The Bush family did the deal in 1937 that ensured they had those key elements. So it appears that the first time the Bush family backed one side in a conflict in Iraq IT WAS ON THE SIDE OF SADDAM'S STEP-DAD! .


The motto of the story is to listen to Fox Mulder of the X Files and ...

PH Craftlove, Director Craftlove NWO Education Project

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Omega Agency - Ultimate Power Behind Illuminati's New World Order:
The Capstone of the Pyramid of Evil controls CFR, Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission.

The Omega Agency is the ultimate council that decides the agenda of the New World Order.

Little is known about it but it is important to make at a minimum the SUSPECTED existence of

this organization known to more people. An evil that works unknown is much more dangerous

and the potential for ignorance leading to slavery bit-by-bit is greater.

Seek the truth and it shall set you free
Jesus of Nazareth

The Omega Agency is above the Presidency. The only two known members named known to

this writer are President George H. W. Bush and retired General Al Haig famous or infamous for

the phrase "I'm in charge here" after President Nixon resigned. Some are saying he was right.

Since at the time he was the leader of the Omega Council. .

The Omega Council is comprised of 15 people. There is a believed connection to ET races. .

For more in depth information on this alleged phenomenon: .

General Al Haig:

Evidence of odd Activities:

1. General Haig and Amway China- Haig became a Spokesperson for Amway for its China operations. .

2. The founders of Amway are connected to Freemasonry: Rich De Vos.

3. The Amway cofounder , recently deceased Jay Van Andel that donated 1 million to the GOP in Florida prior to the last election, is behind the Van Andel Research Institute which is involved in the Human Genome Project and funds the Aspen Global Change Institute. .

4. Human Genome Project: The Human Genome Project was started by the Rockefellers and is based on the Eugenics movement. Adolf Hitler praised the development of the practice of Eugenics in America. .
The Human Genome Project and Genetics, by Robert Lederman.

5. Scientists from the Human Genome Project believe that much of the "junk DNA" that humans are said to possess is of ET origin. A tie in to the Omega Agency- Al Haig- Amway thus could be said to corroborate the premise of the existence of the group. .

6. The Aspen Institute has received money from ExxonMobil. .

7. The previous link shows that David Koch was a member of the Board of Trustees and listed under "key People". Linking to his bio shows that he was the former VicePresident of Koch Industries , the second largest privately held Company in America.

8. Koch Industries is the largest oil company you have never heard of. It has revenues of 40Billion and is bigger than Bill Gates Microsoft.
Private oil company does both Business and politics with shades drawn... .

9. This website provides an extensive and nefarious list of connections regarding Koch Industries. .

10. Koch Industries is allegedly a major recipient of Funds from the UN run Oil For Food program. AND DOROTHY BUSH KOCH IS MARRIED TO BOBBY KOCH A COUSIN OF THE TWO BROTHERS THAT RUN THE OILY EMPIRE. .

11. ExxonMobil was also listed as a recipient of Vouchers in the O-F-F program in Iraq. .

12. The real reason for the Iraq war had to do with the race to possess an ET stargate. Competing secret societies were desperate to achieve control of the matter. / & .

13. General Haig was also a spokesperson for Chinese military linked COSCO a shipping company considered a national security threat to the USA. .

14. Cosco is "intimately linked with Hutchinson Whampoa Group...100% owned by Li Kai Sheng , of the very powerful Li family of China ..." The Li line is allegedly Illuminati .

See also for a list of Illuminati bloodlines: href=""> .

15. Oddly enough the atheistic Chinese Government that kills millions seems to have a very favorable view of UFO research and sightings are reported in the government press. or google - China UFO -.

OMEGA AGENCY OR COUNCIL. However, sufficient links establish the possibility of existence of such named organization.

PH Craftlove, Director NWO Education Project.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

IN-Q-TEL: CIA's Venture Capital Firm Extensively Penetrated By Chinese Interests - Trail Ends on the lap of Richard Perle & Carlyle Group

The Facts speak for themselves - you the viewer decide:

1. Bill Clinton's Secretary of Defense had extensive involvement in sensitive technology transfers to Red China.
This reached the level of Presidential Treason by Clinton and his aides- .

& also see Treasonous Tradeoff .

No pun intended but this should - repeat- should raise Red Flags...but it does not.
There he sits on the board of In-Q-Tel
CIA interest in startups- The Payoff: Technology .

Who else is on the board? James Barksdale of Netscape: Netscape has a chinese language service - see for yourself: . Mr. Barksdale is on the board or was as of recently of Sun Microsystems. Headlines SAID! "Sun strikes Huge desktop deal with China" . Google - Sun Microsystems China - for more, much more.

Also there is Norm Augustine former CEO of LockheedMartin:
Lockheed Martin agreed to pay a 13 million dollar fine for helping China illegally upgrade its Long March 2 E Rockets

According to Congressman Rohrabacher , the Clinton Administration allowed technology to be exported that "perfected" Chinese long range missiles to land nuclear weapons on US soil... .

In-Q-Tel is invested in a company called Verity.

Verity was purchased by Autonomy.
Autonomy and Verity join forces in enterprise search market - .

The CEO of Autonomy is Dr. Michael Lynch of the sinister Carlyle Group and on the board of Autonomy sits Richard Perle. Autonomy gets a third of its money from "spook organizations".

The Carlyle Group does booming business in China - "China is our priority market of tomorrow..." The World Bank Pension Fund is an investor in Carlyle. Paul Wolfowitz is now the head of the World Bank as is widely known. .

Richard Perle and China -
Global Crossing - .

Loral missile tech to China firm- .

The old adage, With Friends like these...may come to mind. All roads once led to Rome. They all now lead to Beijing. The decline of America will be gradual and not a shot will be fired. The game is over. China has won. We cannot prevail if our top leadership are business partners with an enemy that threatens us publicly with nuclear destruction.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project