Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Arizona Connection: Illuminati outpost in the 33rd Parallel Desert:

There are numerous connections in Arizona to Illuminati/New World Order

Interests that largely go unnoticed. This article will attempt to expose them-

1. The freemason line of death and power passes through Arizona. Specifically near Phoenix.

2. The Latitude of Phoenix, Arizona is : N. Latitude 33.30.

3. The Phoenix is a mythical creature with strong symbolic ties to the Illuminati.

"the phoenix bird has roots in egyptian satanic mysteries...cursed religion has been revived by

Freemasonry and Skull and Bones..." The Bird is a parody of Jesus Christ and stands for the

masonic antichrist. .

The Phoenix is a military and spiritual symbol of the groups. It is an important part of their

dark resurrection rituals.

Hillary Clinton wears lapel pins with the symbol of the Phoenix . This is a sign allegedly to other

Illuminists of her membership in the group . See also: .

The motto of the Arizona State University is the Sun Devils.

The University is heavily involved with the CIA/In-Q-Tel (google terms together or see links)

Michael Crow was named President of Arizona State University on March 29, 2005. He is on the
board of In-Q-Tel and executive vice-provost of Columbia University.

analysis: 1) Michael "crow" - " Crows tend to be more symbolic of the spiritual aspects of death" .

2) "Columbia" University - Columbia is another name for America. . There is a constellation called Columba. It stands for a
Dove or the Pleiades, the contstellation known as "The Doves". .

3) The Pleiades are very important in Freemasonry and the belief is that the Pyramid of Giza

was built in their honor. This is the same pyramid constantly shown in their symbolism such as

on the US Dollar.

4) The pleiades are associated with end times events and the destruction of Atlantis by both

Jewish and mayan lore. .

5) The Pleiades were also instrumental in the astrology of the founding of the New York Stock Exchange by George Washington. .

6. The link in number 5 also discusses the importance of the constellation Taurus. The Bull as in
"bull market" . The term bull market in fact, comes from the mithras cult in which the bull of
heaven is slain by mithras an ancient deity of Persia and Bablylon.

7. In-Q-Tel of course is involved in investing in the Stock Market. Stock is another word for

Cattle - The Bull.

8.Masonic astrology is found everywhere in the NASA lunar missions. This features the Pleiades to a significant degree. .

9. The head of NASA is also connected to In-Q-Tel. .

10. ASU is part of NASA "AstroBiology Institute" whose purpose is to study life in other planets.

11. NASA has chosen - no surprise - the same Law Firm that In Q Tel used to begin its own
venture fund . The name of the law firm is "no longer available".

12. The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the building on the ASU campus (that looks like a toilet) in which all attorneys in the State of Arizona swear in to the Bar organization.

13. Frank Lloyd Wright was a follower of Gurdjieff. He met Gurdjieff through his wife who

passed away in Scottsdale , Arizona in 1985. Scottsdale is adjacent to ASU in Tempe and also

Phoenix. Wright's career was going nowhere until he took a trip to Berlin in 1910. Germany at

that time was hotbed of bizarre political, mystical and spiritual ideas and movements that

ultimately became Nazism and its governmental embodiment the Third Reich. & .

The latter article speaks of the horrific crime at Taliesin, reminiscent of the Movei "The

Shining" with Jack Nicholson. This is where Wright is buried. The wife that led him to be a

follower of Gurdjieff was 33 years his junior. She died in 1985 and is buried in Arizona.

14. *Gurdjieff was an adept of the so-called "Left-Hand Path". This is the path of sorcery and

what is commonly called black magick. & . . *THE READER SHOULD EXERCISE EXTREME

15. Certain statues of "Sprites" once located in Chicago were repaired and sent to the Arizona

Biltmore Hotel. These were considered very important by Mrs. Wright and the work on

repairing the statues took place at the Taliesin Fellowship location prior to shipment. See photo

in link. . Sprites are fairy-like entities.

16. According to Welsh legend, Taliesin was turned into a wizard. & Taliesin is steeped in the occult according to
folklore - .

17. The Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, North Carolina is or was the headquarters of the
Illuminati. .
See also: .

18. The Biltmore Hotel - the only hotel in the world based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design-
caught fire when work being performed by Taliesin Associated Architects (of
Taliesin West) lit the roof on fire with a blowtorch. It was a six alarm fire. .

19. The previously mentioned Gammage Auditorium by Wright was actually supposed to have

been built in Baghdad, Iraq.

20. The fire occurred when new owner , Talley Industries purchased the hotel. Talley

Talley Industries does 95% of its business with the Pentagon and its bazooka

projectiles have been in use in combat there. A new, larger contract was just

entered into with the Pentagon. . Talley Defense Systems is the sole US

manufacturer to have an impact on the world market for Bazooka / RPG type weapons. .

21. Frank Lloyd Wright had enormous plans for Baghdad. They included a center devoted to

the Pagan deities of Sumer and "A CITRUS GARDEN (IN HONOR OF WRIGHT'S

INTERPRETATION OF THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT)... Iraq , of course is the fabled

home of the garden of Eden where allegedly Eve tempted Adam with the Apple

pursuant to the serpent's advice causing the Fall of Man.

22. Frank Lloyd Wright's design was in fact to be built on the island of Edena , aptly named

because it was believed to be THE ACTUAL LOCATION OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN. HE


(to the left of sketch) and for main link: .

24. Baghdad , Iraq is located at N. Latitude : 33.20 or nearly identical to Phoenix.

25. The Legal system in America will be soon going through major upheaval. There is talk of

Congress dismembering the 9th Circuit, based in San Francisco, California and creating a 12th

Circuit based in Phoenix, Arizona. The problem however is the fact that there are 12 circuits

now. The Washington D.C. Court of Appeals IS THE 12th APPELLATE COURT (not to be

confused with The United States Supreme Court , also in D.C.)

Thus, the new appellate Court will in fact be the 13TH Circuit...The "word" is that it will be located in Phoenix...of course.

The US Court System will have its latest Court be number 13, on the 33rd

parallel in a City named after a freemasonic bird of evil. The new judges can

even swear in at the Gammage Center designed by a man that honors the fall

from grace at the garden of eden and the follower of a master of the Left-Hand nice, don't you think? .

Bye the way, The King of Iraq that was going to allow the Eden Casino to be built was

overthrown in a coup on July 14 - The same day as Bastille Day in France. He and his family

met the same fate as the French Royals....they were annihilated. .


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