Saturday, December 03, 2005


The Freemason secret society allegedly has a "thing" about bridges. This article will try to piece

together some of the connections with odd bridge incidents and their possible links to this secret

cult using a connect-the-dots methodology.

1. John Dimitri Negroponte is our nation's National Security Director. He is a former ambassador to Honduras and believed linked to death squads operating in that region during the 1980s wars . He is also a Yale graduate and member of Skull and Bones. .

2. His last name means Black - "Negro" Bridge - "Ponte" (Puente in spanish).

3. Bridges are sacred to Freemasonic cults: "The construction of the bridges that we want to build do not have to follow the rules of engineering"

4. Royal Arch masonry is obsessed with bridge symbolism - .

5. Princess Diana died under a very special bridge in Paris -
The name of the bridge in french is Pont De L' Alma. "The Bridge of Souls" which dates back to pagan times where it allegedly was a site for human sacrifices. Diana was of the Merovingian line which according to author Dan Brown carries the DNA of Jesus Christ and his wife Mary Magdalene. .

6. Diana's driver was being paid money by British intelligence funneled by "british banks" whose actual names are never mentioned in the mainstream media or anywhere. .

7. Negroponte was born in London and his wife is a british "blue-blood" with close connections to the Royal Family. He is mentioned as a member of a group described as casual freemasonry. .

8. The trial in the murder of "God's Banker" found hanging under Black Friar's bridge in London has started in Italy. This is front page news there but not a word - NOT A WORD- is said in US papers about this trial that will expose the dark side of Italy according to prosecutor's. YET WE HAVE A FREE PRESS DO WE NOT? This exposes ties between freemasonry, the vatican, the CIA and the Italian Mafia....interesting but unless you speak italian and can link up to their press online - you will not see a single article on the topic even though americans are named in the sordid affair. . The Article mentions P2 Lodges formed by fascists that had tentacles in Argentina. They helped train Contras in bases in Honduras where Negroponte was ambassador. .

9. Four security personnel or mercenaries depending on one's jargon died in a horrible fashion in Fallujah, Iraq. Their mutilated burnt bodies were left hanging from a bridge for all to see. This event led to the destruction and invasion of Fallujah some time later by US forces.
See for background- .

and Kos' bridge - .

There was a previous group of four mercenaries that tried to cross the bridge into Fallujah and met also an unkind fate. They were Irgun Jewish terrorists that the Brits called out in desperation to try and stop an Iraq freemason coup allied with the Nazis from taking over Iraq and its oilfields. The nazis were stopped. Had they succeeded the allies would have lost WWII. This means that the Brits have been fighting FOUR WARS IN IRAQ IN THE PAST 90 YEARS.

1. After WWI. 2. This battle during WWII. 3. Gulf War One. 4. Gulf War II. - all for Oil and as noted Negroponte is related through marriage to the aristocracy of Britain.

Could this be coincidence or karma? Saddam's father in law and uncle that raised him was part of the Golden Square military/masonic pro-Hitler group - He taught Saddam all he knew.
"The Nazi Background of Saddam Hussein" - .

The Nazis sent Heinkel and Messerschmitt bombers to the iraq rebels.
The attempt at an overthrow would not have been even tried without the air support provided by the Luftwaffe. They needed certain key items to keep the planes flying of course....The Bush family did the deal in 1937 that ensured they had those key elements. So it appears that the first time the Bush family backed one side in a conflict in Iraq IT WAS ON THE SIDE OF SADDAM'S STEP-DAD! .


The motto of the story is to listen to Fox Mulder of the X Files and ...

PH Craftlove, Director Craftlove NWO Education Project


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