Thursday, December 01, 2005

IN-Q-TEL: CIA's Venture Capital Firm Extensively Penetrated By Chinese Interests - Trail Ends on the lap of Richard Perle & Carlyle Group

The Facts speak for themselves - you the viewer decide:

1. Bill Clinton's Secretary of Defense had extensive involvement in sensitive technology transfers to Red China.
This reached the level of Presidential Treason by Clinton and his aides- .

& also see Treasonous Tradeoff .

No pun intended but this should - repeat- should raise Red Flags...but it does not.
There he sits on the board of In-Q-Tel
CIA interest in startups- The Payoff: Technology .

Who else is on the board? James Barksdale of Netscape: Netscape has a chinese language service - see for yourself: . Mr. Barksdale is on the board or was as of recently of Sun Microsystems. Headlines SAID! "Sun strikes Huge desktop deal with China" . Google - Sun Microsystems China - for more, much more.

Also there is Norm Augustine former CEO of LockheedMartin:
Lockheed Martin agreed to pay a 13 million dollar fine for helping China illegally upgrade its Long March 2 E Rockets

According to Congressman Rohrabacher , the Clinton Administration allowed technology to be exported that "perfected" Chinese long range missiles to land nuclear weapons on US soil... .

In-Q-Tel is invested in a company called Verity.

Verity was purchased by Autonomy.
Autonomy and Verity join forces in enterprise search market - .

The CEO of Autonomy is Dr. Michael Lynch of the sinister Carlyle Group and on the board of Autonomy sits Richard Perle. Autonomy gets a third of its money from "spook organizations".

The Carlyle Group does booming business in China - "China is our priority market of tomorrow..." The World Bank Pension Fund is an investor in Carlyle. Paul Wolfowitz is now the head of the World Bank as is widely known. .

Richard Perle and China -
Global Crossing - .

Loral missile tech to China firm- .

The old adage, With Friends like these...may come to mind. All roads once led to Rome. They all now lead to Beijing. The decline of America will be gradual and not a shot will be fired. The game is over. China has won. We cannot prevail if our top leadership are business partners with an enemy that threatens us publicly with nuclear destruction.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project


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