Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hundreds of NYC firefighters died at the Twin Towers on 9-11-01. It has been labelled a

tragedy and terror incident. It was both but not in the way the public has been led to believe.

The firefighters were killed on purpose as a HOLOCAUST - burnt offering/sacrifice annointing

and providing psychic energy for the rise of the 1776-ft Illuminati tower of babel to be called the
freedom tower.

The Evidence:

1. The firefighters died for one reason. They did not get the message to leave the towers on

their radios. They never knew the Towers were crumbling down . The company

that made the radios is Motorola. Motorola DENIES this is their fault and it has never been

litigated or proved in Court. The firefighters could not sue because they were said to have

waived their right to sue Motorola by taking money from the fund set up by President Bush

3 days after the attacks. "911 Firefighters families sue Motorola, But Court Finds

They Waived Right to Sue" BNA - Product Safety And Liability Reporter. .

2. The Board of Motorola includes the Brother of John D. Negroponte , the now Czar of US

Intelligence, former alleged death squad guru in central america and Iraq ambassador. Also

suspected member of the Society of Skull and Bones based in Yale University.

NICHOLAS NEGROPONTE: *(all wikipedia info must be independently confirmed by reader) . Has been a professor at Yale.

JOHN D. NEGROPONTE: . Current Director of

National Intelligence , born in London and married to a member of royal family of UK.

3. Motorola symbol is a bat...i.e.; a bloodsucker - blood is the most important energy medium

in the occult even for the Catholic mass - where becomes present the blood of Jesus Christ. The

bat draws the life energy of others for itself/ its own purposes. . & Motorola admits the logo is a

"batwing" -,,5150_5139_23,00.html .

Motorola has a videophone called the "OJO" ...i.e.; "EYE" in spanish as in the all-seeing eye in

the illuminati pyramid.

4. Motorola was involved in the London Tube work and contracted Tagmaster, an RFID tech

Company to do work involving the tracking of trains underground . .

5. Motorola had a headquarters in Boynton Beach , Florida. .

6. ODDLY ENOUGH- The alleged hijackers were connected to Boynton Beach TOO. One lived

there and several worked out at a gym there. The Boynton Beach area is right next to the scene

Of the Anthrax attacks on the tabloid paper as well. . 15 of the 19 had Florida

connections according to the article.

7. Many commented on the lack of mainstream media coverage of the communications lapses

that led to the needless death of so many firefighters. There appeared to be a coverup that was

out to make Rudi Giuliani a hero rather than asking hard questions. .

8. Rudi Giuliani was made a Knight Commander of the British Empire by the same Queen of

England that is a relative of the spouse of Director of National Intelligence , John Negroponte,

himself London born. There are those who question if Mr. Negroponte is even a US citizen. .

9. Motorola allegedly provides required courses by a so called One-World Government guru.

The courses are called Spiral Dynamics seminars. . This amounts to

thousands allegedly REQUIRED to learn about how the world will be governed in the future.

10. The Guru is alleged to be connected to the pro-UN Fetzer Institute. The Institute has a

swastika symbol whose center is 3 interlocked left-hands. The Swastikas arms spin

counter-clockwise, a symbol of the black sun, the LEFT HAND PATH of magic. . The guru is Ken Wilbur.


The symbol of the firefighter is the Maltese Cross. The Medal of the Knights of Malta. It was

created when knights fighting the muslim saracens were hit with an unknown fiery weapon.

Naptha a form of napalm in the medieval world. Many knights died horribly . Others died trying
to help the burning men. They were recognized for this by the awarding of the 8 pointed star. .

On 9-11, the firefighters died trying to save others storming up burning towers. The enemy

were modern 'saracens' that used jet fuel as the new naptha. That at least is the official story.

It is almost as if someone scripted the plot to resemble the ancient past, is it not?

The 8 pointed symbol is identical to the 'Star of Ishtar' the goddess of ancient Babylon. .

12. The ancient goddess Ishtar was also known as Semiramis. .

13. Semiramis/Ishtar's husband was known as Nimrod. Ishtar and Nimrod are associated with

the tower of Babel. In fact, Nimrod built it. . . (see idolphin link for famous painting depicting Babel Tower -

resembles the modern towers called 'skyscrapers' the illuminati are making capped with

pyramid or triangular structures).

14. The Tower of Babel is tower- not two- reaching for the sky over babylon.

The twin towers of the NYC WTC I and II did not fit and were an affront to this paradigm.

15. Evidence exists that all across America, Canada, Dubai, Great Britain and so forth, Babylon

towers capped with pyramidal designs or numerology-specific addresses , number of floors and

other occult influences are sprouting like proverbial mushrooms after a rainstorm of evil.

For Extensive information on this please refer to: .

16. The only exception across the USA to this phenomenon was the WTC. The twin towers

were a symbolical representation of JESUS CHRIST AND THE VIRGIN MARY.

...this according to the visions/dreams of St. John Bosco who saw the two as

Twin Pillars or TWIN TOWERS defending the church. / see depictions >
more depictions> .

thus....the Illuminati had to bring them down in a ball of hellfire. The devil's

face can be seen in the towering infernos - .

17. The firefighters died wearing the symbol of Ishtar/Semiramis as a holocaust or burnt

offering (which is what the word holocaust means) to her consort Baal the fiery solar deity

that was propitiated with human sacrifices in the ancient middle east. .

18. This provided the necessary psychic "nutrition" for the 'Freedom Tower' to arise like a

phoenix from the ashes. The freedom tower will be 1776 feet tall. One spire where once there

were two "pillars". 1776 is the year the Illuminati were founded.

19. Who will take part in this great masonic enterprise? Tishman Construction. .

20. They co-own and manage the illuminati temple known as the Rockefeller Center.
See video of 'rockie' as a kid when it was being built:

21 . One of their partners in this process is TARGET- the department store chain that has

barred Salvation Army bellringers onto their stores for the birthday of Jesus Christ. .

22. Tishman folks do not need to travel far to oversee the Rockefeller Center. It is located

right next door to their building which is located at :


23. The conservative french newspaper Le Figaro reported that Osama Bin Laden met with the

CIA station chief in Dubai prior to the 9-11 attacks. .

24. Dubai has been ruled by the same dynasty since 1833.

25. Dubai is the world's pyramid and triangular capital of the world. It even puts Egypt to shame. .

26. Dubai is where "Albert Speer meets Walt Disney" (Speer was the architect for the Third

Reich) .

27. The CIA whose agent Le Figaro met Bin Laden just prior to the attacks is now run by

Negroponte's fellow Skull and Bones brother PORTER GOSS. .

28. Porter Goss, fellow Skull and Bones Brother John Kerry held OVER $50,000.00 worth of

MOTOROLA stock prior to the 9-11 attacks. The families of the firefighters inability to sue did

not hurt them that is for sure. .

29. Motorola is in business with the CIA's investment wing In-Q-Tel. .

30. Motorola was in business with China in helping them fight a nuclear war against the USA.

Any company that can do that can help the Illuminati suck psychic energy from the destruction

of a few buildings and thousands of lives. .

The number 333 has occult connotations: Adolf Hitler committed suicide at 3:33 pm due to his

belief that he could reincarnate as the antichrist. .

31. Motorola 333 phone may even allow you to call him in hell to see when he is coming back. .

32. Some say Hitler escaped and went to Argentina.

33. You can call Motorola there to ask and see if that is true. Their number is:

0800-6-MOtorola or

0800-6-66torola . .

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CORDIALLY, PH Craftlove, Director, NWO Education Project