Sunday, March 26, 2006

PortGate Treasury Secretary Snow Has Huge Oil-For-Food Conflict of Interest:

The recent controversy over the proposed sale of the company managing critical US ports to

Dubai Ports World disclosed that Secretary John Snow's CSX rail company which he led for

roughly twenty years had previously and recently sold its overseas ports to the same Dubai

Ports World for tens of millions of dollars in profits. This may have been the last nail in the

coffin for the deal. In fact, the interlocked network has been described as "inbreeding". .


Who does? Let us is fairly easy to discover:

1. Go to .

2. Then link to the segment in the middle of your screen "detailed quote".

3. Then scroll down to "Institutional Ownership" ... what do you see?

4. Now we follow the same methodology with Alliance Capital Management.

5. Who Owns Alliance...??? AXA , the French Insurance 'Giant' .,-d-,P.aspx .

6. Saddam's favorite ATM as it has been called regarding the Oil-For-Food is BNP-Paribas. .

7. Who owns BNP? AXA and BNP-Paribas appear , particularly during the time frame of the

Oil For Food programs existence to be in a very tangled web of interlocking ownership of each

others own stock... .

and... and 'The big picture' .

8. As noted in , Alliance owns 20 MILLION SHARES OF CSX....that is more than

the next 4 or 5 largest institutional shareholders COMBINED. Thus a direct oil for food linked

'player' is the largest owner of CSX of which John Snow was beholden to for many years.

How this could go uncovered in spite of multiple US investigations is unknown. How a man with

this link could be appointed with even a cursory background check not turning this up is of

course, also unknown.

9. John Snow runs the Treasury Department. It had multiple investigation into the oil for food

program and simply could get nowhere in looking into American citizens that might have been

involved in corruption. Now, esteemed reader you likely know why.

"US oil purchases accounted for 52% of the kickbacks- more than the rest of the world combined"... The US facilitated

Oil smuggling and Treasury allowed various US firms to break the law and did nothing...

10. Bill Clinton's 12 MILLION DOLLAR PAYDAY for 'his' book "My Life" also leads back to the Bertelsmann publishing house through Knopf and Random House. Bertelsmann is controlled and

owned now to a significant degree by BNP-Paribas linked Power Corporation of Canada named
as a major oily fraud player. The OFF program off course, began with Bill Clinton.

George W. Bush appointed Snow as Treaury Secretary.

CONCLUSION: Secretary Snow Must Resign due to Massive Conflicts of Interest.

If Oil For Food funds are being used to fund the insurgency in Iraq, US troops are being killed

due to treason by their own commanders-in chief.


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